Is it pink or is it nude? I am not quite sure…What I do know, is that it has become my new favorite shade and you will probably see my nails dressed in it very often this winter.

I know is more of a spring color, but to be honest, with the freezing weather outside, I could use wearing a little touch of Spring on my nails…

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Nail Polish OPI shade: Tickle my France-Y (NL F16)

105 thoughts on “NEW SHADE

  1. I love this shade! I have worn it for years and it never ceases to amaze me how it can change with lighting or even just over time sitting in the bottle. I think it's beautiful on pretty much every skin tone and i always reccommend it to girls looking to elongate their nail beds. ^_^

  2. tickle my france-y is one of my favorite OPI France collection colors! I think it's the perfect mix between pink and taupe with a little hint of purple even!

  3. me encanta el tono, ademas te queda super bien.Y me parece muy bien que le des ese toque mas primaveral a los dias oscuros de invierno, hahha.XOXO

  4. Loves it! … Actually my nails are that color right now! Don't know if it's spring, It actually matches lots of FW stuff so I guess it's cool ;)… Green hues are also on top of my favs right now ;)

  5. Funny now everyone is having the winter tones backlash. Time for some color. I like that color I kind of wish I could find a good nude color, but my mission is still failing me. I did however find an excellent silver color.

  6. HI, Andrea!A Big HELLO from BRASIL!!As usual, I pass in your Wonderful Blog to see what is going on with the Girl who dresses So Well in the Web!I loved the color in your nails! It is NUDE to me!And you are right: stay puting some notes of Spring in the Freezing over there!BE GOOD! BE WELL!You and All Your Readers!!

  7. I'd say it's the perfect mix between nude and pink. In my opinion it would fit to any kind of outfit, nude or the perfect pinky/girlish/spring-look. It's fresh, but in the same time doesn't attract the attention right away… just perfect. Love it :)I'm going to go to the shops first thing tomorrow, and hunt a nail-polish hopefully similar to the one you're wearing…your blog is lovely. Found it today and am already a fan!greetings, Anna

  8. Muy bien chica,pero quiero ir pronto a Amsterdam,aunque sè el frìo que me espera!Espero para ti que vulvieras a tu casa durante la Navidad,pero al mismo tiempo tengo gana de verte!!Nos tenemos en contacto entonces por una cita!!Besitos!Si quieres estoy tambièn en Twitter con el nombre de mi blog!

  9. I think that is nude color, I'm loving that color on my nails too this winter, been wearing that color for almost 3 months continuously lol I just love them <3

  10. what ever the shade is called, i think it's fabulous & perfect for winter too ! i love nude shades and pale pinks, cause with natural result you can never go wrong ;)colours like these should be available any time of the year! <3

  11. your so cute! i always get the updates from you on twitter!love this colour, and youre obviously a fantastically dedicated blogger – you post nearly everyday! congratulations on beiing so amazing! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. I like this color!!Andy,on 18 december I'm going to be in Amsterdam!Do you mind a coffee together?I don't see you from Luisaviaroma event in Florence!!Besitos!Maria Vittoria

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