What a day it has been today!

I am collaborating with in an experiment surrounding the new Samsung Galaxy tab, unfortunately the weather today was as bad as it could get, so I had to improvise, hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow so I can carry on.

Ever since this gadget came to me 3 days ago, it has taken over my life, in a very good way that is and as a blogger on the go, it is just what the doctor ordered (yes, I have a very cool doctor :P).

I cant wait to show you all the things I am doing with my new love a.k.a “The Tab”.

Stay tuned for more!

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98 thoughts on “NEW IN “THE TAB”

  1. ooohh, i've seen this first on a tv series. it was so cool! i was curious of its brand && name.. now i know. thanks andy! ;) indeed, they're very

  2. I saw you in Leidserplein playing with it, and I was so concentrate on trying to understand what you were doing that I didn't come to say hi!It seems like a cool gadget!Have fun with it and I hope that was not my only chance to get to meet you!

  3. I love that your using other products than those from Apple. It is good to see that there are people in the world who aren't following the hype :)btw nice cardigan, where is it from?Greetings

  4. i've just watched the video and i must say that i love your laugther;D while watching, i had no choice but to laugh as well.thank you so much for that!parv

  5. The Tab looks amazing! You're so carefree and outgoing, I love it! Haha, I don't play the piano at all, so you're still better(;

  6. love it!need one in my life!!added you on my blogroll…love your blog! check it out and follow please and if you want, add me on yours :)

  7. ese look natural te queda estupendo y devo decir qe me encanto el ipad… yo quiero uno!!! una sugerencia haz un dia un video en español ok y quien es el hombre de la voz misteriosa ??jejeeres muy lindaxoxo

  8. Qué pasada! Quiero uno! YA! jajaMe encanta el jersey de las fotos Andy. Por cierto, empiezo a tener ganas de fotos en tu casa, con el cuadro de la Torre Eiffel(comparto tu pasión por París), o de tu armario, no sé..Un besazo!Nerea

  9. I love love love love love The Tab and I wanna have it soooo bad :), I think it's the perfect "accessory" for a blogger !love your

  10. You are making me want to buy The Tab – looks really cool and high tech :)Weather is sucky today yes.. storm, thanks for ruining my hair.

  11. I want THE TAB!!! so badly! you must have a lot of artist friends…so many great drawings of you on your blog! I draw too! I was going to do a post on my blog today of some of my older artwork..if you like it maybe I could draw you and send it to you:) let me know what you think!www.fashiononix.blogspot.comxoxo-Kps. I think you have the best street fashion I have ever seen! <3

  12. Ahh! So jealous of your new toy! I want an IPAD so bad…have so much fun. What a nice early xmas present! Muah! Tantos Besos bonita,-Cristal

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