A wise person once said: “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world…”

That is exactly how I feel as soon as I put this Givenchy dream boots on, like I can conquer the world and how can I not? if they are the most stunning ankle boots I have ever laid my eyes on.
They are not only perfection, but they fit my personal style like a glove.

Damn you cobblestones, you better stay away from my babies because If I ever see a scratch on them, I will cry myself to sleep every night…

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Ciaosito babes, have an amazing weekend!


GIVENCHY BOOTS: via Lindestore


146 thoughts on “NEW IN “THE BOOTS”

  1. OMG! I love those ankle boots. Where could I shop ankle boots like those? BTW, I'm Raiyanenchaviz, aspiring fashion designer and a newbie blogger too. I really like your blog specially this post and count me in if there's a new post.see yah!

  2. Aah, lucky you, Andy! They're gorgeous! I'm absolutely envious tee-hee:) As for your cobblestone problem, I don't know if this would help, but I recently discovered heel caps. They're suppose to protect heels when you walk on grass, but maybe it could help with cobblestones, too? It's called heel caps from SoleMates. Have a great weekend!

  3. Creo que me he desmayado y he despertado solo para volver a verlas, son sinceramente espectaculares, aunque creo que el tacón es demasiado alto para mi que soy bien bajita…

  4. Wow! … Me pasa lo mismo cuando tengo zapatos nuevos y mas cuando son tan bonitos, lo cual hace que a veces salga de la casa con flats y cuando llego al lugar donde voy me pongo los zapatos para no maltratarlos! hah la gente se burla de eso, pero zapatos bonitos son zapatos bonitos! Bonito fin Andy! :P

  5. I actually only saw the brown part of the boots at first…then I realized there were straps. That totally won me

  6. OMG I DIE!These boots ara amazing! I did a post about them a while back, they also come in a black pony and they are my ultimate shoe-porn cravings! Waaaay over my budget at the moment so I'll just keep wearing them in my mind ;)I feel like congrats are in order, caus I think everytime you wear these babies it feels like your birthday :DHave a fab saturday babe!Love,

  7. Absolutely StunninG!!! You are a very lucky girl,Andy and I am too since I follow your blog because I have the opportunity to see beatiful things! You're my daily inspiration!!! *_*Kisses,A_C.

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