Today started as just another day, It was cloudy outside, probably VERY cold and the forecast said it would rain and probably hail, oh well, Just another winter day.

The post man rang the bell of my house, I opened the door and he delivered a huge box from Tiziana Fausti which I anxiously opened… My day changed in a matter of seconds as soon as I got this beauty out of the box and how can I not? Its not only PERFECT in every way, but its one of those bags which you can style with anything and everything, that has the softest leather I have ever touched in my life and the perfect size to carry all the goods, a fashionista like myself packs in her bag every morning.

What else can I say, Im not only in love with this bag, but I cant wait to get out to the cold, cold day, just to be able to wear it for the first time… The Miss Sicily bag and I officially start a romance today.

Miss Sicily bag by Dolce & Gabbana: via TizianaFausti




  1. wow wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Besitos desde———————————————————————————————————–————————————————————————————————————–

  2. i dont even know why im not one of your followers (now i am!) but ive been following you for years! i love your blog and you inspire me sooo much! Keep up with the amazing posts and your passion which obviously is leading you to success! =)

  3. You have like 832749273892 comments! i saw you on your tab checking the comments and i thought she must spend a lot of time checking them out!Anyways hi from a venezuelan girl living in Argentina, with a blog similar as yours but not as popular haha.See ya.Andre

  4. Hi Andy (: the bag is so beautiful (: i love it ! and I also love your blog (: I think it's the best blog I've ever read (: and every day I'm looking forward to your new posts (: best regards from austria (: ^^

  5. This bag's simply faboulous ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ! It's really chic and elegant :)love your blog

  6. Andy, your new bag is fascinating! I love the shape of it, it seems very comfy to take all the things you need with yourself:)Have a nice day out with this cutie:)xxSasha

  7. Hi, Andrea!A Big HELLO from BRASIL!!I simply LOVED your new aquisition!Days ago, I told my Mom I am so in the wanting of have a Big Purse, so I will be able to bring over here and over there the so many BOOKS I have (my passion of all times is… BOOKS!), my Bible (no, not the "Vogue", BUT the Holy Bible itself) and my other stuff.I think it is delightful the way you talk to us and the tenderness you have with us, your Readers and Fans, talking to us about all that matters to you!Thanks, Pretty One!Stay in the Peace of God!!You and All Your Readers!!

  8. Can't believe it, Andy!!!It's just the most PERFECT bag I've ever seen (ok, just at the same place as Hermès Kelly)!!! You don't know how much I've been dreaming of it…you're so lucky!I'm waiting for your post with Miss Sicily…you know, I'm an italian girl so I'm proud of it ;)!XOXO

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