152 thoughts on “NEW IN “FINSK WEDGES”

  1. i have been obsessing over FINSK wedges for awhile now! but these…are incredible! I want to start decorating for christmas already but everyone thinks i'm crazy! nice to know i'm not the only one who loves christmas like i do!xohttp://thelittlebrunettemermaid.blogspot.com

  2. – I would like to see the new layouts background, font, and the rest of your blog. Just quite boring with the way it looks. Beside you're gonna celebrate style scrapbooks's anniversary so it's gonna be great to have the new look :) Pardon me if this suggest is too rude. – I want this baby FINSK cause this baby isn't available in my country (i'm from indonesia). If i want this hottie then i should go with shopping online with unreachable price for me hehe. This babe just HOT HOT HOT ;)thanks andy [email protected]

  3. amo los zapatos de finsk…y aunque en el post equivocado…el clima deprime un poco algunos dias, pero, tomandola por el lado mas superficial… en sud america no podriamos nunca ponernos ciertas prendas, hace demasiado calor!! animo (; Loredana

  4. wow, there are great… but always i see shoes like that, i have to ask myself "is it really possible to walk these shoes longer than an hour? i just can imagine to stay in them whole day and/or night…

  5. Oh my god i love them! I can't wait to see them on you!Will be amazing! i love Julia Lundsten's creations, they are such architectural!kisses :-)http://f-frames.blogspot.com/

  6. Ok, shoes are great, that's true. But I just can't believe you're serious about bringing your christmas tree from the basement already :D show us some pics when you're done;)

  7. Wow!They are such beautiful, lovely, lovely, amazing!I love these shoes! Beautiful platform, even like a mirror, some brilliant, I love it!And of course the color! I love this colour!

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