Que sera sera? You are going to stick around to see :).

Guys, ok so this is a FINAL call, my Anniversary giveaway with is coming to an end tomorrow at 12:00am (CET), so you have the last change to enter!
What do you win? Well, a very useful £300 pounds of shopping at , do you want to get an early Christmas present?, how about getting the pair of shoes you have been obsessing about for months?
Its your call! All you have to do is choose what you want to get, its that simple!


¿Que sera sera? Van a tener que estar pendientes para enterarse :)

Recuerden que el ultimo día para entrar en el concurso de aniversario es mañana (VIERNES), así que si todavía quieres ganar £300 libras para comprarte lo que quieras en, tienes que apurarte.
Si no has entrado al concurso, haz click AQUI.



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  1. Anonymous:Which advertising is that its making the sound?? I wasn't aware of it dear so please let me know so I can do something about it :DXXAndy

  2. can you please get rid of the side advertisement that makes so much sounds? i always come to the website and listen to my music but this is ruining my experience…or make it so i can close it please? i dont think i am alone to say it is annoying …. D:D:D:D:D:

  3. Hi.I love your blog, and I think that you are so good blogger. The coolest thing in your blog, I think, is that you upload new posts every day and even more. Ola ( you read my name like spanish Hola!)xoxo

  4. exiting! The bag is so cool.. I have to say I didn't know Mywardrobe before the competition but now I really like it, how amazing brands it have all together!

  5. Hola Andy; Te habla Sheila de Peru y soy una gran fan tuya me despierto y veo tu blog todas las mañanas realmente amo tu estilo y eres una d mis grandes inspiraciones.Y me encanta q una latina este triunfando en Europa. Asi que muchas vibras buenas para ti!! besos.

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