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Remember I told you I was working on a Project with Well, here is the outcome of it!
Just a small video to show you a bit of my day and how my new Galaxy tab features in so many ways.
I love it ever since I got it and every day, I find new things to do with it, definitely the best gadget I own!

I hope you like it!
P.S- If you cant see the video on my Youtube, dont worry, I will also upload it on my FACEBOOK page so that everyone can see it!

78 thoughts on “MY TAB PROJECT

  1. Gosh, you must be very enjoy what you do everyday..Everything you do seems like what you like to do, and it is very amazing.Surely i envy you andy :)

  2. You're so good Andy! I love how you exercise obsessively even though you're unfortunate jaw will always make you a bit of a chick with a dick. Props!

  3. Very smart idea Andy love the video and your apartmen it's so cute,i heard that blackberry just launched a version of the ipad the name is playbook sounds cool

  4. Not bad, though, I must admit I read the reviews on mashable and cnet and I heard that while it's good it may be overpriced for what it is…plus I don't know if I could stray from Apple. I am so obsessed. Oh well I guess I will have to wait and see more reviews after the holidays when more consumers and less professionals are reviewing it.

  5. Hi, Andrea!!A Big HELLO from BRASIL!!I just watched your video (without any problem, Thanks God!) and I simply loved it!!I am curious, if you answer me, I will be delighted: HOW do you clean your tab from the digitals of your fingers? Do you use any kind of special product?Stay in the Peace of God!!I will pray to Jesus so you will not be so homesick from Mexico as you did in a past days. I like you, Andy!God Bless You and All Your Readers!!

  6. Wow, this is the cutest video ever!! Love how much personality you are able to put into your blog, people have obviously taken notice to that and I think that's partly why you are so successful! Keep it up, enjoy your Galaxy Tab and DIY projects! ;

  7. Hi dear ! I live it Switzerland and youtube says to me that I can't see this video 0_o, but why ??!!!Buy the way I'm gonna see it on facebooklove your

  8. Where is that fabric store? I e-mailed you about a fabric store, but did not get a response:). Hope you e-mail me back:).And its a really cool video. Maybe I'm going to buy a Samsung Galaxy too

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