Since I’ve had so many comments and emails asking me about my Make-up routine, I decided to make a small video.

I am not big into make-up, not because I don’t like it, but because I don’t know much about it, so as you can see, what I do is very simple, yet I feel it works with my personal style.

Sorry for the poor video quality but I had to shoot it with my MAC webcam, since I needed to have a mirror reflection so I could see what I was doing.

I hope you like it!

P.S- I will announce the winner of the GIVENCHY jacket soon, so stay tuned!



95 thoughts on “MAKE-UP IN 5 MINUTES

  1. Great!I use even less make up than you (usually no make up at all), but my humble tip is using a cream blush either as a blusher either as a lipstick!Kisses!

  2. can I leave you some beauty-tips? First of all:put a moisturiser on your skin, before the foundation! other thing: If a product is more expencive than the others, it doesn't meen that its quality is better! Do you check the ingredients? There are a lot of "vegan" foundations, which are great!!and cheaper.. they don't damage your skin, at the contrary they make it seem better! When you put on your mascara: don't pump it so many times! once is enough! Otherwise some air will enter in your product, which will last much less than it should! I hope to be usefull.. I'm writing from Italy

  3. Quizas puedes hacer que resalten mas tus ojos con un poco de delineador negro por la parte de abajo y un toque de sombra plateada en el lagrimal del ojo!

  4. Hey girl! Your make up routine is a great start :) I noticed that you used a sponge to blend out your foundation – I suggest to get a foundation brush (Say… the MAC 131 brush, its great for liquid foundations) just because I find that the sponge absorbs a lot of the product. Just a tip :) You can try it out and see what works best for you :)

  5. Andy! you're super! stay humble, that's what makes you special! ♥ you've been my inspiration since last year (and for me that's quite a long time!) xoxo

  6. Nice video!! It's a pretty and easy make-up!!Love your blog and style!! You know I follow you!!Kisses and hugs!!!Laurasweetandfashionworld.blogspot.comPS: Sería un honor para mi que visitars mi blog :) Gracias!

  7. You make it look so easy!! I'm a little bit of a make-up dummy myself…. Last week I bought new Chanel make-up and now that I've seen your video I think I can do it too! I'm going to practice tomorrow! :PGreat blog dear! <

  8. Hello Andy! I go to amesterdam in march, i would like to know if exist jeffrey campbell store in there! (?) or something like that. I really wanna buy ones ^^(i love your blog) big kiss.

  9. I wish I knew more about make-up myself! Where I live though, we can go into big department stores where they do your make-up for free(to try to sell it to you obviously), so I think I might do that. The way you do your make-up is very similar to me:) So I'm not so sure if I have any tips..maybe just play around with it a little more? like try some nice grey or shimmery pink eye shadows:)xoxo Hollywwww.ipsyfashoindiary.blogspot.comlove the video by the way, pretty as always! :D

  10. You make such cute faces when you put on make-up. I never you so much powder, I guess it doesn't work for me..or maybe I have problems with my pores.

  11. I saw this on Youtube first, but yay so simple. You really don't need to take too much time on Makeup I feel like some people over do it when in reality you need to give your skin a break once in a while.

  12. Lovely video!! It´s a great idea to show your daily make up in a video :)Check out my new cap video, you might also like it…Love Barbara

  13. wow Andy, this was amazing… and something new, loved it… Thanks for sharing your make up regime… XXP.S. your facial expressions at the end: very

  14. Such a cute video! Do you find the MAC translucent powder good?What colour foundation do you use?Sarah XXXX

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