I have to admit that while we were shooting this pictures during the weekend, I was literally freezing and I am the only one to blame, because as much as I want to hold on to the “mild autumn” clothes, the temperature is way too low to keep wearing this, bummer!!!

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Tengo que confesar que mientras tomábamos estas fotos, yo me estaba congelando.
El problema es que todavia me rehuso a abrigarme lo suficiente y como cada dia hace mas frio, mas vale que aprenda a aceptar que el invierno ya esta aquí y se me hace que va a hacer mas frío que el ano pasado, brrrrrr.

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  1. great outfit,great pictures,great blog!gettin better from day to day.check out my blog, vinzentvonwitten.blogspot.com, it's awesome!

  2. Braving the cold huh! I should be happy California still has high 70s degree in mid November. :) I have this top in black and you've definitely inspired me to try it with different outfits!

  3. I was almost wearing exact the same outfit :)So I must admit: good choice. I saw on twitter that you own a galaxy tab, wish I could effort myself it (some time)..

  4. hello, I love your look … you are amazing, this is my favorite blog <3 I'm your follower here and on facebook. I created my blog yesterday but i will follow you for a long time.if you can visit my blogwww.allxury.blogspot.com

  5. love this look,and love the leafy setting.i walk past american apparel every day and this tops in the window,i've been lusting after it for weeks.your look here has made me want it even more!!!

  6. I know, it's really getting ridiculously cold which makes it so hard to take interesting outfitphotos without getting sick! And now the colors are still pretty but you can really tell that the leaves are disappearing and the BORING winter begins! Ugh. :(Cute outfit though, I really love that AA jumper, I wish I had more money cause I've wanted one for a long time!

  7. Me encanta esa mezcla! :)Esa falda siempre me ha gustado, y al fin y al cabo, le pongas lo que le pongas me va a gustar, pero ese jersey es precioso, por lo que me gusta todavía más!Me encanta esa calle llena de hojas, súper otoñal.Un besazo Andy!Nereahttp://soyfandeti.blogspot.com

  8. Aw, over here its actually too hot to wear those type of clothes :( I hate it, because I get a lot of inspiration from you when it comes to styling! Hope to run into you when I'm in Amsterdam :)xoxo

  9. A Big Hello from BRASIL, Andrea!!You look so Gorgeous in those clothes!… A pity it was so cold in there!God Bless You Pretty One!You and All Your Readers!P.S. It is fantastic how you have a Amazing Perception for what dresses you So Well. Congratulations!

  10. Andy, me encanta este Outfit, es justo lo que buscaba!me podrias decir de donde es el jersey de flores y la camiseta que llevas debajo? muchas gracias preciosa :)

  11. I admire your shoes. The first time I saw them was on the dress-up site looklet.com and when I saw them on your blog I was blown away!And they look even better combined with an outfit like this :)

  12. increible!!! las fotos, la falda, los zapatos, la camiseta…….TODO!!!!! yo tb hago lo mismo, salgo congelada a la calle a sacarme fotos y luego me pongo el abrigo…..xoxolb

  13. Love the look, your sweater is amazing an fits well with the black and white shoes. I wish Belgium was looking as nice as Amsterdam does in the pictures. ♥-Axellewww.ax-ell.blogspot.com

  14. aww i love this gorgeous look! really pretty I still want that AA shirt and i always love how u stle it :) sorry about the weather, it's still kinda warm here in AZ! :/have a good afternoon :)xoxo Hollywww.ispyfashiondiary.blogspot.com

  15. love your outfit! it's gorgeous:)well, cold weather has never been a problem for fashion bloggers:)all the best!Sashahttp://perfectionistsdiary.blogspot.com

  16. its so cold here too! mild autumn clothes are the most fun but there is never enough time to wear them before the weather turns icy! i really love that A.A floral jumper! :) x

  17. Absolutely gorgeous! I *love* your shoes. Sadly, it's far to cold for that kind of outfit here. I am having a hard enough time finding a fashionable alternative to a puffy coat!

  18. A mí también me cuesta adaptarme al frío..ayer llevaba una falda de ese estilo, pero un poco más gruesa y se me subía todo el rato!!, da mucha rabia ¿verdad?, un saludopatricia

  19. I've also been rushing around from cab to indoors coz I LOVE my autumn clothes! Love the stripey skirt and the AA sweater!Dree xxstyle-on-sea.blogspot.com

  20. mmm a mi me pasa al revés, no veo el momento de vestirme como una cebolla, toda llena de capas, bufandas, guantes….me encanta tu camiseta.besos guapa

  21. Love your jumper, and bag in this. I'm kind of like that. Trying to hang onto stuff that I know really isn't warm enough. Never mind x

  22. True to that, that is why I love my country(India), It is hot all the time :P though wearing coats, jackets and blazers is something I love but it is not much of use here.Anyway, the structured bag, the coat(ah, I so want to wear one) and the flower frill top.. love all of it… expecially when you are wearing it, coz only you can make anything look amazing.. :))XX

  23. i love the boots they look so comfortable!kinda glad to know i'm not the only one freezing here in Manchester. it has got really cold over the last week or two and it will only get worse :(

  24. it's to cold for this kind of clothes in Poland, too but I don't care. You shouldn't care either 'cause winter will be much colder and then the time will come for warmer clothes. :)

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