1. I adore your blog!!! Your coat is amazing for such cold weather, and your purse is to die for…don't even get me started on your boots!!!WOW love love love :)www.thebrunetteshake.com

  2. You look adorable :) I love how balanced this look is, the tights and skirt with the long coat..very nice:) love your gloves too! love everything!XOXOHollyHave a good morning<3

  3. hihiih loving it!! even we all have these amazing tights for more than a year… I cant get enough of it!!!! great post!!would love to have u as my follower!!KISSES juliaNEW YORKhttp://geeksndfashion.blogspot.com/

  4. Estas guapísima!! Me encanta el abrigo, es muy bonito! Y el look es muy niña bien pero luego las medias lo desentonan: es genial!Un beso guapa!

  5. Te sigo desde hace mucho tiempo pero siempre en silencio, hasta hoy porque¡¡te ves genial!! Me encanta el look, la combinación masculino-femenino te queda espectacular =)Un beso guapísima.

  6. Despite the cold weather, your photos came out perfect, as usual. I sweat those tights! They are so hot!! Love the bf coat as well..Miyanwww.miyan-overseas.blogspot.com

  7. Maybe try more layers. Nice choice on the tights. I saw those on asos and love them.. It's a very toned down look, but still dressy and interesting to look at. Good luck handling the cold. I was never a fan of the cold either hence living in CA, but still even when it get's below 50F here I freeze.

  8. Wow!I love your skirt, and of course a coat! It's gorgeous!I like the cardigan and, oh, those colors!And of course I love your boots, they are the best, really!I love the first photo, I like the gloves are:) And the tights are my favorite tights!

  9. Yo creía que ese tipo de estampados en "boyfriend coat" eran muy dificiles de combinar… es por eso que siempre me he decantado por abrigos con colores lisos… pero desde luego me ha encantado como has podido hacer un look tan femenino con este tipo de abrigo y estampado.Me ha encantado el toque jersey finito + camisa… Sin duda, un "10" en este outfit!!!Un beso mu fuertE!!Siempre te superas.C*PD: es un gran alivio poder dejarte comentarios n español ;)toonewforshare.blogspot.com

  10. amazing look & lucky you – in my city it is -11 & I'm really freaking out because snow is falling all week & it seem like Im somewhere in Arctic ><

  11. Andy you look so gorgeous with this outfit…actually I don't like so much those boots but it's really great! I just have a question, what label are your tights (WONDERFUL) and did you do that skirt by yourself? It's really cute!!!Love, Chiara

  12. I totally know what you mean it's freezing here as well. I love the snow but I hate having to go outside in this weather. Makes dressing no fun at all. >.<Love your outfit – especially with the thights, they add a nice touch.

  13. Great look, Andy. Too bad I live in the tropical island of the Philippines, this look wouldn't fly here. =( I admire your sense of style because it is something "wearable" and not over the top. You serve as an inspiration! Hugs from Manila!xoxox – Icar

  14. WUAU Beautiful coat it reminds me of my dad soo much.I love the tights i have them also but i haven't worn them yet i guess i will try it with something similar to wht you're wearing

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