A lot of you have been emailing me about the fact that you are having problems loading StyleScrapbook on your computers. Some of you say that it takes ages to load the main page, so I have been trying to figure out a way to fix it.

I know I have overload of pictures most of the time on the “look of the day” posts, so I am thinking that might be the problem (due to the pics high resolution), so from now on you will only see one pic displayed on the main page and will have to go the the actual post to see the rest of the pictures (By clicking on SEE MORE HERE ➭, below), that way you wont have to wait until the whole main page loads all the images.

I hope this is a good solution and If you are still having problems, please do let me know.

Anyway,  I leave you with today’s “Look of the Day” featuring my see through creation (the one I cant get enough of) and my new aviator jacket.

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     Aviator Jacket: Storets
    Skirt: Made it myself
Bag: Vintage


Muchos de ustedes me han dicho que han tenido problemas con respecto al tiempo en el que tarda en cargarse el blog.
Pienso que el problema es el numero de imagenes que tengo en la pagina principal y el hecho de que son en alta resolución así que desde hoy, solamente va a haber una foto en la pagina principal y tendrás que hacer click en SEE MORE HERE➭ (en la parte de abajo) para ver las demás imágenes.

Espero que esta sea la solución y haga que el blog ya no este tan pesado y tan lento. De cualquier manera, si alguien sigue teniendo problemas, por favor haganmelo saber para poder tratar de solucionarlo cuanto antes.

Los dejo con el “Look del dia”, espero que les guste.

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177 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “AVIATOR”

  1. Hi Andy. Thank you so much for changing the format of your blog. I recently started visiting your page, I saw your blog from whowhatwear.com. I gave up on it because it would take so long to load your site. Either my internet is slow or my laptop sucks because sometimes my comp would freeze. Lol. Anywho, I just wanted to thank you for that, now I can view your page with no problem. Love your outfits. Have a great holiday.

  2. awesome-as-always look! and oohhh, your triwa watch! i miss seeing you wearing that consecutively! i love that color! ;)xxyougotsomestyle.blogspot.com

  3. love the skirt and i can't believe it you made it yourself, it's seriously fabulous. xxvalentinahttp://fashionsqueezer.blogspot.com/

  4. Andy, you're done! But be honest a new solution I do not really like it! (I personally have no problems, certainly with the view it would be better ….. but do as you please!

  5. even though i don't have a blogspot account, I just have to comment on this one!!Andy, you look STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL as always!!!!! I always love your style and your personality!! Your photos are amazing!!! It portrays a mysterious woman who has tons of amazing chic secrets to share!!!! i LOVE it!!!!

  6. Love Love Love Love this, you look Fab! ibelieve that your one of the few people who can actually pull of those amazing Skirts :)nd the page did up load a bit faster but i think that you should have like you a special entry for the drawings… #justsayin

  7. you look incredible beautiful! I love this pictures, they are so stunning and this jacket, ohh.. and I must say that I really love this maxi skirt! all is amazing!!greetings fromhttp://mikalafashion.blogspot.com/

  8. me encanta el look y la cazadora es un pasada, ademas eres una artista si te has hecho tu la falda!!XXxhttp://teenagedream-mo.blogspot.com/

  9. Realmente sos hermosa Andy! Sos una gran inspiracion para mi :) Y encima pareces ser una gran persona. Tenes mucho estilo y siempre haces las elecciones correctas al momento de vestirte! Sigue asi!XOXOVicky

  10. HI, Andrea!!A SALUT from BRASIL!!Just to say your atention to your fashionists fans is awesome.I simply loved the solution you have found about the photos in your Posts!LOVE and my best wishes to you and All Your Readers!!

  11. hey andy,just wanna let you know I LOVE YOUR BLOG!but please , dont start with that, like Chiara from Theblondsaladi think it is so annoying,that we all have to click first before seeing all ur gorgeous pictures. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE , DONT DO IT !It always loads perfectally fine… it might pretends with browser you use. firefox works alright!

  12. amazing look :) But I don't have any problems loading your blog, and I prefer if all the pictures are on the first page :)xxxxlifeisroyalty.blogspot.com

  13. Hi, Andrea!!Hello AGAIN from BRASIL!!I have written sooner, because I have not seen my comment, I decide to write another one.Just to tell you that you have had a wonderful decision about the photos in your Posts in a way so all your readers can read them without any problem, right?A Hug and all the best wishes to you and All Your Readers!!

  14. Me encanta! Me encanta todo!Soy fan de las faldas y vestidos largos, no sé cómo me pueden gustar tanto!Además, esa cazadora es preciosa!Me encanta el gris, es mi color preferido para vestir junto con el negro, y el borreguillo es genial!Un look ideal! :)Un besazo Andy!Nereahttp://soyfandeti.blogspot.com

  15. Andy you look great! The watch is amazing, a friend of mine wanted to buy the same, don't know why she didn't, but it's really beautiful!Rumyanahttp://miasmasquerade.blogspot.com/

  16. Me parece estupendo!a mi me a ido siempre bien, pero para la gente que no pues mejor! el look es genial! siempre aciertas con todo!♥www.ohmystrangebird.blogspot.com

  17. stunning as always!!I NEED a close-up on those boots! I just need to see them!:pand a weird question…how tall are you??? :ppokay it a weird first comment (though I've been following for a while) hehe

  18. I love this outfit !! But aren't you cold? Even though you are wearing tights, the skirt is still see-through and must not keep really warm hehe. x's L

  19. Wow! Parece spread de revista este shooting! me encantaron las fotos, muy chic! … Pensé que era la unica que tenía ese problema, pero que bueno que ya se solucionó =Dhttp://blog.cessoviedo.com

  20. gorgeous! i love how u can see ur knee high socks underneath! so cute! and i'm receiving a similar jacket by storets soon! now i'm very excited! it looks awesome on u :)natalieoffduty.blogspot.com

  21. Hi, Andrea!A BIG HELLO from BRASIL!!You are so gentle and so kind and so sweet with us, your fans!!You had a great idea about the photos in the Posts of your Blog, so all the fashionists are going to be able to appreciate your work soon, without any late of any kind!God Bless You and also All Your Readers!!BE WELL!! BE GOOD!!

  22. I love this outfit! You always inspire me. And it's really cool that you live in the Netherlands, because I live near Amsterdam and I recognize all those places. Do you speak Dutch, by the way?

  23. Well I come via bloglovin so I always see the full post, but still it's most likely the browser and not the computer. I use firfox and chrome and internet explorer is the worst and safari pretty much always crashes. Sure sometimes the photos take a while to load, but that's when my connection is bad. Maybe it's there connection too? Sorry to get all dork on people I just spend way too much time online.

  24. GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!! :D love it as usual andy!!! :) Good solution to the main page uploading problem, although it's always uploaded just fine for me :)xoxo Hollywww.ispyfashiondiary.blogspot.com

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