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I was excited enough when I first laid my eyes on the entire lookbook from the LANVIN for H&M collection a few days ago.

Now you can only imagine how anxious I was to see the whole collection in person at H&M’s showroom, unfortunately for me, I am not only in love with it now, but I have become obsessed and determined to get my hands on more than one item, so I can only hope I am lucky enough to be one of the ones sporting these items during the holiday season.

Of course I went all out and took a gazillion pictures, overload of LANVIN on StyleScrapbook, worthy of a Friday morning.
Enjoy guys and have an amazing beginning of the weekend!




94 thoughts on “LANVIN + HM

  1. beautiful pictures! I love this dresses and I'm dreaming that one of them will be mine!greetings from

  2. Ahh you are so lucky to have been able to visit the showroom!! I love all of these pictures! I'm very excited for the pink chunky necklace and those cute

  3. When I first saw the collection slides via Theblondesalad and a link provided by the New York Magazine, i felt like a fat kid in a candy shop. Just looking at the elaborate detail in the prints of these dresses, and of course, the shoes, was like listening to the beatles for the first time.But the harsh reality came when I saw the OUTRAGEOUS PRICES of every item. The only thing which isn't over priced is the sunglasses ($20 USD). All the shoes , at a closer view (sadly my face was smushed against my screen to get a good enough view) , the quality doesn't look like it reflects true Lanvin products (HM: usually makes good things, but doubtfully good enough to last a few spin cycles in your washer). The fringe on the black shoes looks kind of like a pair Payless special editions. I will be waiting at the doors of HM to get my hands on the leather gloves, the leopard shoes, and the black ruffled dress. I am dreaming about the pink ruffled one but to afford THAT among the long list of other things I'd also like to get I'd have to skip out on a few necessary trips to the grocery store. Crossing my fingers in hopes of winning the lotto between now and then so I can own the pink dress (which does look like a piece of Lanvin heaven and carefully crafted by the people who made it at HM).

  4. some of the pieces are amazing, but some of them kind of ordinary, i love the red dress and tthe t-shirt though :) and i fell in love also with these chunky big sunglasses!

  5. beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing it with us, I hope I can get some of those collections too <3

  6. Amo las faldas de tul!!! simplemente son lo mejor del mundo, tengo un vestido y una falda y son totalmente adorables… saludos!!!

  7. wow. everything is so's going to be an amazing collaboration.i just hope things don't fly off the shelf like the mulberry line at target.

  8. When I first saw the photos in becouse I expected more, but now after seeing your photos I´m really exited, and I really hope that I can get my hands on one of the pieces!

  9. really cant wait to see it instores- if i make it before all sells out- there are some really gorgeous pieces, textures and colours. So much hype for this collection!Thanks for sharing. Katie.xx

  10. If this collection doesn't get to my local H&M I swear I'm gonna be very disappointed!!! I want it all!xxxVikki

  11. So beautiful. Do you know if we can buy online? I'm desperate to know that as I won't be able to shop in-store. Have a nice weekend Andy :)

  12. The collections looks really really fabulous!I'm so attracted by the shoes with the green details! And the dresses…all lovely! I'm curious to see how they look when I see them with my eyes. Baci!

  13. I'm first… I'm first :)(I hope so ;p )And I'm jealous … You're so lucky you could see all te collection "on live" ;ppxoxoYour fan Patroushka :)

  14. OHMYGOSH. You're SO lucky!! I'm obsessed by almost every single piece of that collection! I can only hope I'll get at least one of the pieces that I'm obsessed with! <33

  15. WOW! You are so lucky to get to see this collection, but I can imagine getting obessed, I am too now after seeing your pictures. Being a fashion and MASSIVE beauty lover seeing the lipsticks made me almost jump up and down with excitement. really hope it doesnt all sell out in 1 hour!! great post! :) plus congrats on the blog anniversary. love it xoxo

  16. great pics, cannot wait for the collection to be in stores, even though it will probably last for about an hour being selling outthanks for these snaps

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