Hey guys!

Only 11 more days until StyleScrapbook’s 3 year anniversary, exciting!, so how about we start the week with a new giveaway?

This time I am teaming up with the amazing 80’s and they are giving you 300 Dollars of shopping money, perfect for an early Christmas present right?

What to do?

1. Visit and “Like” 3 items you’d buy with the gift card (like buttons are located on the product pages).

2. “Like” 80’s Purple on Facebook.

3. Leave a comment here on the blog with your full name and email address where I can contact you in case you win. (you can only comment once!)

You have until Friday the 19th of November to enter the giveaway…Good lucky!!!


Solo faltan 11 dias para el 3er aniversario de StyleScrapbook, ¡Que emoción!, que les parece si empezamos la semana con otro giveaway?

Esta vez, 80’s Purple te regala 300 dólares para comprar en su tienda en linea, ¿Que tienes que hacer?

1.- Entra a la pagina de 80’s purple y haz click en “like” en 3 productos que comprarias si te ganaras los 300 dólares. ( El boton de “like” se encuentra a un lado del producto).

2.- Sigue a 80’s Purple en FACEBOOK aqui.

3. Deja un comentario en el blog con tu nombre completo y dirección de correo electrónico para contactarte en caso de que ganes.(Solo puedes dejar 1 comentario)

Tienes hasta el viernes 19 de Noviembre para concursar… ¡Buena suerte!



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  1. [email protected]

  2. Done,Done,Done!Good luck to me!Arabella / Mail:[email protected]

  3. Kasia [email protected]

  4. Wiola [email protected]:)

  5. que tal que ahora si me lo gano!karla carrillomi mail:[email protected]

  6. i love your blog, so adorable! :) and amazing clothes!Deniz [email protected]

  7. Giveaway :Dominika [email protected]

  8. Dannia [email protected]

  9. Love the cloths and the votan [email protected]

  10. Love this [email protected]

  11. Thanks for the giveaway!!Laura [email protected]!!

  12. So many to choose from! Love,[email protected]

  13. thanks soooo much for this [email protected]

  14. Hola y felicidades por el 3° aniversario, me gusta tu blog, sobre todo que teniendo la oportunidad desde donde estas puedas mostrarnos a más mexicanos las coleciones de los diseñadores, y que presentes estos concursos a tus seguidores es algo lindo; gracias.Espero que sigas posteando por muchos años más…Floredy

  15. Oh, it would be just great if I could win, especially because they do not usually ship in Romania=((Namme: Constandache LaviniaE-mail: narcotic.mind@yahoo.comFb: Lavinia UhmbThanks so much, I love your blog and the posts on lookbook and your fb!Keep up the good work.

  16. AMAZING OOIm so thankfull that I now know this website :DI "liked" 3 items, Im not sure if I would buy those 3 things, if I won, but I really liked them so I just pressed "like" ;)Really cool with all these give-aways, you are an amazing blogger, if I win, I will try and make a drawing of you for you XD

  17. Since I first came across this blog, I was… ASTOUNDED. I immediately got hooked. Now, I check it every day…but not in a stalker-ish way, cause that's creepy. Anyway, I tried the 80s Purple thing, because I love, love and LOVE that site. ;)much love xoWynona

  18. Hey Andy! You are such an inspiration to my wardrobe! You rock for having a giveaway, congrats on three successful blogging years! :)With christmas right around the corner and everything being tough the past few seasons, this giveaway would be such a blessing! Though if I don't win I still thank you for the opportunity!Best wishes to you for more successful years to come :)- Sarah

  19. done! :)thank youuu. amazing stuff on this site!x

  20. hey Andy:)I searched all over the 80's purple website to 'like' the best items:)! you are too good to your readers! compliments:)! hope you have a fab week.xxfull name: Cylia Tedjawirjaemail:

  21. Awesome giveaway! :)I already like 80's Purple on facebook.I have liked three items on facebook: Delta pocket dress, Puella dress, and Wild Fox t-shirt. My facebook name is: Jennifer Rand.Thanks for the great giveaway!::fingers crossed::xxJenvintagechik8@gmail.com

  22. Tienen ropa y zapatos IN-CRE-Í-BLES ! Aunque no gane nada seguramente estaré comprando algunas cosas en un tiempo pero aun así estaré por lo mientras cruzando mis dedos para ganar algo esta vez :DBesos y Buenas Vibras desde México City <3

  23. Gracias por el concurso!!No conocía la web y me encanta!!Felicidades por el tercer aniversario…¡y que cumplas muchos más!Cristina Má

  24. me encantó la ropa de 80´s purple!!!!espero ganar!!!!!Felicidades por los 3 años de StylescrapbookCristel Monserrat Dí

  25. Andy, soy nueva leyendo tu blog, te sigo desde hace un mes, pero siempre te veia en lookbook. Soy de Peru, me encanta tu blog, me encanta tu estilo, tan natural, siempre tan perfecto. Muchos saludos y abrazos desde aca :)

  26. Wow 3 YEARS°!!Yo te seguía desde lookbook, luego llegue a tu blog que es buenísimo.Saludos Andy y Felicidades por los 3 añ

  27. No podria encontrar mi comentario….entonces voy a dejar otro :D Feliz cumple por tu blog Y gracias por estas oportunidades de ganar cosas muy chulas Kata Bajer ( facebook)

  28. Congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of your incredible and very impressive fashion blog, Style Scrapbook!!!:) So happy to be following your blog for 3 amazing years now.:) Am so proud and happy for you for all the progress you've made in those years… you really are the best.;)I do hope to win this giveaway especially 'cos I'm going to celebrate my birthday this month, too. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a very good inspiration, not just to me, but as well as to all your avid readers out there!:)Udel Andrea

  29. Congrats on your Almost 3rd year here with this lovely Blog. I want to tell you that Each Morning I'm inspired by ur blog:)I hope you stick around for many years and that u give us more "Fashion":)Have a Great Day:O FERNANDA:)