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Those who follow me on twitter will know that last week, I was invited to the Luxottica press day to view the new collections of my favorite accessories; The sunnies!
I love press days and events like this because above all, I get together with other fellow blogger friends and truth is, we are becoming a close bunch, which is one of my favorite things about being a blogger, all the amazing people I have met.

It was so hard to choose any favorites and I noticed that a lot of brands are doing the aviator look for next season (just like the Ray.Bans above) … I guess they picked up on the trend, so now we just have to match them with our aviator shearling jackets :P.

I must say that I loved so many of the new models but I will stick to the aviator theme for now, as I have already a lot of oversized sunnies.

Lucky for me, as I was leaving, I was given a goodie bag with my favorite pair of Ray.Ban aviators. I remember my dad having a similar pair when I was a child, I used to ask him to please let me wear them and ever since then, I always wanted a pair just like it… Lucky girl, now I do!


P.S- Dont forget that tomorrow is StyleScrapbook’s 3 year anniversary and your last chance to enter my FINSK wedges giveaway!

Pics by Masterphoto – Marco Kuijpers


  1. Didn't comment on this post yet! haha:) Well first of all I wanted to tell you how much your comment on my blog meant to me…you seriosuly have no idea how much that truly meant to me; I've confessed how much you inspired me and you've also helped me to become who I want to become (including wearing heels EVERY single day to High School!! I stick out like a sore thumb, and would never have had the confidence to do so if it weren't for you), so when I got that email from you on my blog..I couldn't believe it! :) It brought tears to my eyes. You really seem like such an amazingly sweet person. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to notice me. Have a good day andy, <3xoxoHollywww.ispyfashiondiary.blogspot.comp.s. the HM store I went to today in my city doesn't carry the Lanvin line..:( what's up with that?

  2. Hi, Andy!Rayben sunglasses are absolutely adore. can i get more details about the sunglasses? what is the specific number of the sunglasses? :)

  3. (It wasn't possible to post this on the FINSK give away, so i posted it here instead)I love your blog, and your style!. I would like to read about how you create your own personal style? And what is caracteristic for your style (e.g what do you like, not like, do you have certain "must haves" for an outfit to work?). And maybe you could write about how you got to be so interested in fashion? Another thing; I think you always look so stylish and it looks like you've planned every outfit down to every little detail. Any tips on how to make an "boring" outfit a bit more stylish? I adore the FINSK wedges, and this season I'm deffo going in for the kind of metalic look. They are super cool and I LOVE the colour!!xx Kristen ([email protected])

  4. Looks like you had a blast :)Your post did left me a lil' jealous, I'm craving Ray Bans like these for years (but still think they're so pricy)! ;)Love,Oh'

  5. pq ya no escribes en español?? y otra cosa, estaría bien si hicieras como chiara y en la pagina de inicio junto a la foto ya pusieras el texto, y solo hacernos entrar en el siguiente link si queremos ver más fotossaludos, Helena

  6. It looks like you had loads of fun! I love the pictures! :)You are so lucky to have those shades! My dad said he might give me his, though :)

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