What are you up to today??? I just came back from the Luxottica press day (pics coming soon) and did a little pitt stop at ZARA to try some items I have been after for a while.

Unfortunately I am in a saving mode now, so I didn’t actually buy anything but who knows, I might dream about these items, sleep walk all the way to ZARA and bring them back home with me, not that it happens often! :P




111 thoughts on “CHANGING ROOM

  1. andy, i like the change that you made with your blog. it's now easier to see your page now. but i think the font size you are using now is a little too small..this is just my opinion. but still LOVE your blog! <3

  2. La capa esta buenísima!!Es mi favorita!Acá en Sudamerica-Chile estamos en primavera, pero almenos veo a traves de ti nuevas cosas y ademas adelantas tendencias.Saludos

  3. I've also tried the fur coat too and I called it the hairy coat cause it kind of looks like hair… :PPHave fun, Lena!

  4. I bought that zara cape a week ago, I love it and it looks amazing on you Andy !! I love your blog so much, can't say it enough..

  5. me encanta el primer abrigo!!tan peludito que es perfecto para el invierno, ademas estan super de moda.XOXO

  6. ame el segundo saco :) .. me encantan tus relog's dorados! sabes donde puedo conseguir relog's vintage aca en mexico? algo online?? .. jaja se que es algo complicado, pero por si acaso sabes te lo agradeceria demasiado! love ur style andy :) ciao!

  7. omg andy! i have been daydreaming about the shaggy fur coat too! went to zara to try it on TWICE already! lol. good to know i'm not alone in this crazyness… ;)i'm also in saving mode since i'm going back to brazil for the holidays. the tickets took all of my funds. :(xxxxxxxcarol

  8. hola guapa!!!por favor la primera chaqueta no te la compres!!!…..pareces un yeti jejejeje, ya se que chanel ha apostado este año por ese estilo pero….la capa es muy mona.besos

  9. love the fur coat!!i'm following via bloglovin', would love it if you could return the favour??love the blog,

  10. I like the cape! It's deliciously cute!! :)I'm going to school in a bit…my favorite class this fall quarter: apparel and textile economics! Have a nice day Andy!♥lasenoritadaisy.comp.s.I've always wondered…what do you do for a living? If you dont mind me asking.

  11. You are so cute in these photos!:)I love all photos with you!And I really liked the jacket on the first photo, so good stuff, I feel it :))I love ZARА! I would purchase all the clothing stores ZARA(!!!), but I have no money :(

  12. I have to say I like the cape it's very preppy, but fun. LOL I feel you on the saving mode. I have been eating PB&J for 3 weeks now…for lunch. Not all the time that would be too much.

  13. HI, Andrea!!A Big HELLO from BRASIL!!I just talked to you about your wonderful nails with the NUDE color…… And you just send to us, in your Amazing Blog, some picks of you at ZARA? Am I right?One of the Big Misteries of All Times to me is:HOW could God take all the good taste for clothes that exists and put (almost all of) it in only one Girl?? And this Girl IS YOU, Andy!YOU ARE ALWAYS GORGEOUS!!!My Best Wishes to You and All Your Readers!!

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