So this is what was in the box 2 days ago…
I remember writing this on my Santa list last Christmas, I’ve been wanting it for so long now, unfortunately, Santa got a little mixed up and confused the watches, a year later however, my baby is finally on my wrist via My-Wardrobe :D.
Don’t forget that I am announcing the winner of the Giveaway on Monday!

Here are some random pics I took while walking around the Christmas shop last night.

I was wearing a super casual outfit and my hair back, which I usually do, just never show it on the blog and of course, I had to sport the high heels.
These are the shoes I bought in London during FW and since I have only worn them once during Paris FW, I got them out of the closet yesterday.

I was looking even taller than usual and people that saw me yesterday all commented: “Andrea, you really grow taller by the day!” … Hmmm, no, my high heels get higher by the day :P

Walking around the Christmas shop made me feel the Christmas spirit even more so I am literally itching to start decorating my flat asap!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Watch: Michael Kors via My-Wardrobe
Jacket: H&M
Grey jumper: Storets



  1. I always love your pictures, but I am excited to see the Christmas pictures. I can't believe it has been 20 years since my Christmas time in Paris, Belgium and Holland! Thanks for the reminder! It's been way too long since I have been to your beautiful part of the world.Gypsy G

  2. Me encanta el outfit Andy!!!Lo primero: te sienta genial el pelo recogido!!!y en concreto, le da al look un aire muchísimo mñas casual…Lo segundo: no me ha podido gustar más tu chaqueta es ideal, tiene un color precioso y me encanta combinada con el gris, aunque el verdadero toque se lo dan los zapatos!!lo convierten en un look muy chic y a la vez, casual…(importante en el día a día!!)Si a todo ésto le sumas el entorno navideño….de 10!!!Un besi enorme!

  3. the pictures look so great! YOU look so great andy! i love the watch too. at first, i thought it was triwa. its lovely!

  4. Very cute watch! Lucky lucky! And yay! I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas, my fav part! But my fav ULTIMATE part is eating my mom's tamales with champurrado! Yummy! I'm really craving xmas! :)♥

  5. Me encantan las fotos, con el ambiente navideño, que ya está presente en todos lados, pero no a tales cantidades… :)El look es genial, y estas guapísima con la coleta!El reloj es muy bonito, eres una chica con suerte! jajaUn beso Andy!Nerea

  6. You are too cute. I love the xmas photos they are warm and inviting. I also love the layering, which is interesting because I didn't like that sweater too much, but anyway had to grab these photos for my inspiration folder. Ha. Oh and you are so right with the Michael Kors watch it's a perfect choice and the man makes good watches. Gorgeous really.

  7. OMG ANDY YOU HAVE OVER 10,000 FOLLOWERS NOW!!!!! :D How excitinggg! :) And you look so pretty I have always been in love with this camel jacket and want to get my hands on it!!:) your ripped gray tee is so cool I love it too:D you always manage to make jeans look so chic and this is by far no exception!! Love these shoes with jeans:D Your new watch is definitely sooo chic and stylish as well! Oh and love your hair up like that:) haha well this is a really long comment but I mean every word!! Keep doing what you're doing girl! xoxo

  8. Xddddddd k mooooona xd yo también kieroooo xd en Madrid ya está casi todo preparado, he visto hasta un árbol en el centro, tengo ganas de ir a la plaza mayor y comprarme cositas de Navidad. Te envidio!! XdXoxo

  9. Andy, or which I prefer, ANDREA!!A Big HELLO from BRASIL!!As I said to you before, I LOVE CHRISTMAS like you!!What I love most is to put baby Jesus Christ in my Christmas Crib!!You were PRETTY at the store!!God Bless You and all Your Readers!! BE WELL!!

  10. I LOVE Christmas too!!! But there aren´t any Christmas shops around here yet!Your watch looks great!!! And the pony tail looks amazing. You should wear your hair like that more often on the blog!Now I can´t wait till Monday to see who the winner is…..Kisses,Maia

  11. Love your outfit! I think it's increadibly cute that you've already started decorating, this make me like you more day by day!Lots of love from Latvia! :)

  12. You look so cute in these pictures! The watch is a true beauty! I'm happy for you it's finally yours. I can't wait to see your appartment all decorated in a christmas theme!

  13. Que bello está el reloj! Te felicito además se te ve precioso, todo el look que muestra hoy me encantó.Que fuerte que la navidad ya esté 'entre nosotros' acá en Chile igual lleno de tiendas decoradas, el año se pasó volando!Abrazos Andy :)

  14. oh sweetie! yeah, Christmas is round the corner! am as excited as you are!But hey lucky you to be treated well before Christmas time!that picture of you in the middle of all Christmas trees is real beautiful!take care♥

  15. Christmas is one of the best times of year. And these pictures definitely have that Christmas spirit. I love your hair pulled back, it looks beautful.-The Trendy Fashionista

  16. OMG dear this watch is more than beautiful ! I LOVE IT !!!! Great choice :)by the way I love this outfit, simple but wonderful and you're so lucky to be so tall because ! :Plove your blog and your

  17. I am looking forward Christmas too! Next week the christmas market in Stuttgart begins- ice skating, warm wine and plenty of things which literary scream: "It IS Christmas!".Your pictures are amazing and you look stunning! The new watch is so beautiful! I got one that look quite like yours and I remember how happy I was when I get it! It was love at first sight! :)Have a nice weekend!Rumyana

  18. Wow, fantastic watch! No wonder you're happy. I just bought a Michael Kors watch as well, but it's caused me so many problems – I got it maybe a month ago and I still haven't been able to wear it :( :(These pictures are the CUTEST! Your outfit is awesome, christmas decorations are amazing and your face is adorable :) Getting in a christmas mood as well, why isn't it December already? :)

  19. oh my! lucky lady, thats the same watch i've been lusting after :) Beautiful!I'm the same about christmas! december is my fave month, what with having my birthday then as well.Hope all is well!

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