Congratulations to Dylana for winning the 80’s Purple + StyleScrapbook giveaway and happy shopping!!!

On friday (26th of November), it will be the 3 year anniversary of StyleScrapbook so tomorrow I will be announcing the 4th and last “3rd Anniversary giveaway”, It will be a good one so you wont want to miss it, I promise!


¡Muchas Felicidades a Dylana!

El viernes (26 de Noviembre) es el 3er aniversario de StyleScrapbook, así que mañana voy a anunciar el ultimo concurso, va a estar bueno así que no te lo puedes perder :D


38 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…

  1. Why do I have a feeling your doing a lot of filtering on this post…hmm ah well I like Dylana she seems to be a nice girl and hey everyone wins something at some point.

  2. Someone just left a comment on my Facebook saying that I won your giveaway! For real? I feel so lucky! It is like Christmas is coming early!Thank you Andy!xoxo,Dylana

  3. Dear Mode.KarusellI use and it picks the a number randomly, that is the comment number who won.This giveaway is as fair as it can be and the number was picked randomly.XAndy

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