You have to watch this video, you are going to LOVE IT!

With my girls Yara and Sabrina

Pics by Richard Nicholls

And because a picture is worth a thousand words, here are tons of pics from the press preview of H&M’s new Flagship store in Amsterdam last night.

The new store at the Dam Square is the latest addition to the H&M family in Amsterdam. It is huge, with 6 floors full of Fashion and the only shop in Amsterdam where you can buy the H&M HOME collection.

To celebrate, H&M invited the press to preview the new/huge/amazing store and best of all, we were able to get our hands on Lanvin goodies the night before the official launch in Europe, best surprise of the night ever! ♥

It was an amazing night full of Lanvin, delicious bites, cocktails, good company and music, definitely a night to remember!
Good Luck on the haunt for Lanvin today, let me know if you get something and stay tuned to show you my new Lanvin goodies.

P.S-The store will be open to the public on November 25th, if you want to check it out!

P.S 2- Please watch the video I attached in this post, the 4D light show they started the celebration with was BEYOND amazing, I am sure you will LOVE it!


Purple Jumper: Queens Wardrobe


154 thoughts on “A NIGHT TO REMEMBER

  1. omg speachless, that video is absolutly amazing!I have to add going to amsterdam's H&M to my list of places i want to visit in Holland<3www.makeaboldstatement.blogspot.com

  2. I must admit that Your blogg is now better than couple month's ago….it's fresher, brigter and i love it! I watch Your blogg almost everyday and that short movie from HM was fabolous :) big hugs form Poland :))))))))))Monika :)

  3. OMG!that was amazing me ha encantado!You are lucky here in my city in Bilbao,the clothes dissapear in 2 hours!I bought the yellow dress i love it!:)http://vicesandvirtuespg.blogspot.com/

  4. such an amazing store introduction!!! i must forward this video to my friends, its one of the coolest openings ive ever seen!!! =) Thanks for sharing with us……Miyanwww.miyan-overseas.blogspot.com

  5. wooooooow! amazing video! I love it! Andy you look absolutly adorable! this sweater is perfect!greetings fromhttp://mikalafashion.blogspot.com/

  6. That Video looked amazing!!! I'm comming to Amsterdam this holiday, can't wait for the H&M Flagship Store. BTW: Love your Jumper. ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  7. wooow, your blog is stunning! i just became a follower, hope you'll find the time to check out my blog too, and follow if you like it:)xoxo Siennahttp://fashion-sienna.blogspot.com/

  8. wow we dont get anything cool like this stateside! great video! Lucky you got to get the items without waiting outside in the cold like I did! LOL

  9. one of my friend went to london on Sunday and told me that h&m+lanvin clothes seems made of paper and so horribles!!!! I'll save my money for something better!

  10. Andyyy! I LOVED LOVED LOVED THE VIDEO!! Incredible!I just wanted to let know all of your readers that I am getting rid of the yellow one shoulder dress, and the pink flowery dress you are showing on the pictures.I can't no longer return them cause I'm not in the same city, and I can't keep them either :( but if anyone is interested contact me: [email protected],Cin

  11. I'm so jealous of you!!!! :) I had to struggle on the internet this morning, but I did buy some nice items :)XXwww.lachosemagnifique.blogspot.com

  12. Beautiful, amazing, fantastic show! It's so beautiful, such an amazing video, I like it!And you're so cute in these photos at all and with Sabrina! :) I think it was a fantastic night!I love Lanvin!!!

  13. Love the photos and video! Ralph Lauren originally did something like this too, in NYC. Can't wait to see you wear the pieces from the collection!

  14. The light show outside was amazing!Was nice meeting you, although it was very short! Haha! I was just saying goodbye to Sabrina and Yara and felt a little sick the whole night plus my heels were killing me! So hope you didn't think I was rude or anything by taking off so quickly after introducing yourself! Haha!Enjoy your Lanvin goodies!

  15. I have to say thankyou so much for shaing these beautiful photos- wow the lights on the building look incredible! How crazy- for christmas last year my mum wrapped a stately home in a huge red ribbon (not a projection!) it looked amazing!!!! Look forward to seeing what you chose- Must have been great to shop early like that!Katie.xxfashion clocked

  16. Just got the grey dress!!! I love it – I actually travelled to another country to get it! How crazy is that, but I really think it was worth it…

  17. WOW…that looks amazing!!Lucky you, I hope to get one of these beautiful pices too :)Love Barbara fromwww.thelittlesweetheart.blogspot.com (check it out if you have some time left <3 )

  18. I love this! What did you get from the Lanvin H&M collection? I decided to not get in line and online shopping is not available where I live…. I love the fake fur, though, maybe I should have been in the line…


  20. Is amazing!!!Un juego de luces impresionante, en Chile hace muy poco hubo algo parecido, pero en la casa de gobierno.Increible las prendas que tiene la tienda, todo muy bello!!!En la segunda foto del interior de la tienda, veo un vestido amarillo de un solo hombre, al parecer es cute!Saludos

  21. Hermoso! no tienes idea como me gustaría estar allí! de verdad existen varias prendas que quisiera comprar! Saludos Andy!www.vogafashion.com

  22. eres afortunadisima!!Creo que todos los vestidos de esta coleccion de Lanvin para HM son muy túSaludos y felicidades nuevamente por los 3 años!

  23. Reminds me of my weekend too! I bought the pink dress (ruffly one) and the black one similar to the yellow and black one. You can check the pink one out on my blog…i would love any comments! Thanks for sharing Andy!!!-Cristalhttp://www.bisouonline.com

  24. Since, I live in the States I got somethings this past Saturday when the Lanvin collection launched. I got the jeweled belt, little black dress with the jeweled neckline, and the Lanvin face t-shirt. All my goodies came in a really cute Lanvin garment bag. The collection was completely sold out by 1:30pm! So glad I got to H&M early on Saturday. I loved the video of the H&M store in Amsterdam!!!

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