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Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay at posting these but finally here are my pictures from the Sonia Rykiel SS11 show.

This is my second season attending Sonia’s show and they are always so much fun, so colorful and the models are always smiling and having fun on the runway.

Although I preferred last seasons collection, this was still beautiful and had amazing garments that I will definitely keep my eyes on.

I hope you enjoy the pics!



49 thoughts on “SONIA RYKIEL SS11

  1. wow i'm so jealous you went to sonia rykiel show! They are always so happy :) Love it. & btw your blog and pictures are amazing!xoxo

  2. omg!! acabo de ver q eres de México, wow! no sabes q alegría ver triunfar a una compatriota ;) de verdad que debes ser un ejemplo para muchos acá y en todos encanta tu blog, tu estilo y q seas de México.un beso guapaxoxo

  3. love these photos!! so colorful and yes, its great that the models are actually smiling and havin a great time while at work! lolCinz

  4. the pics are amazing, i personally liked the collection, thought there were a few pieces i would definitely wear, even though i'm not so much into stripes. great job posting thesevasilievax

  5. oh looks like so much fun..the pictures are so amazing..and anne hathaway is cool…super <3 your blog…leya

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