Me by Hana

My by Rebeka Vaino

Me by Morgan

Me by Evelien

Me by Samantha Johnston

Me by Astrid

Me by Jose del Moral

Here are few of the latest “readers art” I’ve received…

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that has been sending me illustrations, I love every single one of them.

If you want to see all of them click HERE




65 thoughts on “READERS ART

  1. hey andy!!how can i send you a illustration of you??i really love drawing and you are a great inspiration for the things I draw!!please answer me!!i would be very happy if my illustration comes in your website

  2. Heej Andy, wat leuk dat je mijn illustratie tussen je 'readers art' hebt gezet. Ik krijg echt allemaal leuke berichtjes op mijn site :) Super bedankt!

  3. they are all fabulous as you are! I really love your blog and I've been following you since a year ago. I've started a blog a little influenced by you, because your very sweet in your posts and this is a great example of that.Kiss. Annie.

  4. wow they are amazing! u have very talented readers ;) this is the first time i comment your posts but i just love those pictures! and i adore your style… :)

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