85 thoughts on “RANDOM PICS

  1. I love your style! you rocks!Also beautiful places!i follow you!You are welcome in my blog, and you can tell me what you think about my last outfit post if you want :Phttp://nightwriterequiem.blogspot.com/Peace!

  2. I love these pictures, they're faboulous.I really admire you and I hope to can travel a lot as you one day :)love your style and love the simple way you arekisswww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  3. great pictures!!! I wish there were more of you in the outfit in front of the Moulin Rouge :) You look pretty!xoxo Hollywww.ispyfashiondiary.blogspot.com

  4. Hi Andy,it was lovely meeting you at Hypeed party!I hope you had a great time in Paris for the rest of the fashion week, from the pics you posted looks like it :)By the way, really love the last picture you posted with the neon lights on the building, très cool!Best,Sylvia

  5. Andy, have you ever thought about changing your haircut for example to cut it to shoulders? I think it will be nice)Great post, Stacey fromhttp://owlsareawesome-uliss.blogspot.com/from Ukraine with love

  6. Me encantan!Eres la persona mas fotogenica del mundo hahaah siempre sales super bnhttp://lavidaenbyn.blogspot.comBesitos

  7. hello andy, my name is leticia, and I'm from Brazil, anyway I just liked to say that I really love your blog and your style inspires me (: xxxo

  8. Wauw, je make-up zit echt perfect!Trouwens, elke keer als ik jou blog bezoek komt er een pop-up in beeld en een reclame van partypoker of weight watchers, ik weet niet of je hier al vanaf weet? Maar ik denk dat er een pop up op je blog staat.

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