Mau under the pouring rain

The weather is turning from bad to worse but non of that matters when you are surrounded by good company.

Yesterday Maurizio and I finally met up in Amsterdam, went for coffee, laughed our asses off, he ate too many sugar cubes, or at least that is what I thought he was eating when in fact, he was munching on mocha beans :P, we took pics under the rain near the “orinatoire” (thats how me and Mau call the public urinals, we think it sounds a tad “fancier” lol), ended up soaking wet and our pictures were kinda blurry but who cares, the fun we had is what matters.

Mau, I already miss you!!!!!!

P.S- Here is a small video from yesterday and as you can see, we just couldn’t stop laughing :D


El clima va de mal en peor, pero nada de eso importa cuando estas rodeado(a) de amigos y buena compañia.

Maurizio y yo finalmente nos conocimos ayer y nos la pasamos increíble. Fuimos a tomar un cafe, nos reímos como nunca, tomamos fotos bajo la lluvia, nos empapamos y aunque las fotos están super borrosas no importa por que nos divertimos como nunca.

¡¡¡Mau, ya te extraño!!!



132 thoughts on “RAINY DAYS

  1. I kind of like the blurryness of the pictures and I have to tell you, you have the cutest laugh ever and that video made me laugh alot!!

  2. LOL your friend is so funny! Especially when he came out with the laundry plastic bag, trying to rock it – hilarious! You two really seem like you have a lot of fun together, you were giggling the whole time, so adorable!www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  3. Ah, the rain looks so much more romantic in faraway cities! Love the black and white pics…adds to the nostalgia of days spent roaming through Paris…www.plentyforpennies.blogspot.com

  4. i just love how we sense the Fall is here just by looking to the colors of our clothes! everything is grey, beige, love it!and your hat is lovely!XOXO

  5. awesome video… you know i love it because the video turn you blogger people more real to us… i don't know… i think it is fantastic…and you outfit is great!!!xoxolady

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  7. Omg lol!! He has such a great personality! I enjoyed the video very much! Kinda made my morning start off good! :) I really dislike the rain when I have to go places. But its all good to stay home in my pjs, sometimes I call it comfy weather. The people here in California seem to forget how drive every time it rains! There's like accidents like crazy!! Anyway, hope you enjoy your weekend! :)♥Daisy

  8. Faboulous outfit Andy, I especially love your coat and your hate, they're gorgeous !Ahhaha Mau is really funny and I like his blog. love your blog dearkisswww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  9. LMAO I like him he's funny!!! Make another video with him!! hahahaa :pgreat outfit too of course :) We finally had a rainy day here in Arizona as well!! I love when it rains:)xoxo Hollywww.ipsyfashiondiary.blogspot.com

  10. HAHAHAHAH i love you guys laughing :Dyou've been drinking, haven't you!soo funny video. i actually haven't heard about Mau's blog yet and i wonder why. i went through it quickly though and i already love it and am going to follow!XOXO

  11. Divina!!! las fotos se ven super "classy" kn el sombrero y el paraguas haha!Besitoshttp://lavidaenbyn.blogspot.com

  12. hahahaha honey it was such a lovely day, you made me laugh so much! and god we had so much luck, because we were nearly falling every 2 seconds! :Dwe have to meet up soon again :*

  13. oh! he's just real fun!love the video!!you really should have had a great time out there! did he really use the laundry and dry cleaning bag?xoxo

  14. Oh my god Andy! You have such a funny friend and your laugh is adorable! The experience of getting drunk of sugar is just really crazy! This is really, really funny! :)I hope the weather gets better over there so that you can take more pictures for us to see! :)

  15. Your pictures and video put a smile on my face! It's amazing how friends can brighten up even the darkest of days isn't it? ;)xxxVikkihttp://stylometre.blogspot.com

  16. las fotos son super bonitas y se nota lo bien que os la pasasteis!!Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.

  17. OMG!:) your laugh sounds sooo funny, just starting to laugh, too while hearing it!!I looks like you had a nice day in amsterdam!:) Whishing you all the best from germany! I really, really LOOOOOOVE your blog and your styling every day! Congrats to you:)your Randi from germany >>>> http://randimara.blogspot.com/wish you would visit my blog!thanks:)

  18. Nice Outfit, I love your trench coat. It semmes like it's reaining everywhere, three blogs had "rainy" titles and it's raining here too :p ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  19. you look great.. beautiful pictures.. it's so nice to capture moments like these and have them forever so that when you're feeling down you can just open the closet, pull out these pictures and remember, savor and relive such happy moments..

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