October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Mau under the pouring rain

The weather is turning from bad to worse but non of that matters when you are surrounded by good company.

Yesterday Maurizio and I finally met up in Amsterdam, went for coffee, laughed our asses off, he ate too many sugar cubes, or at least that is what I thought he was eating when in fact, he was munching on mocha beans :P, we took pics under the rain near the “orinatoire” (thats how me and Mau call the public urinals, we think it sounds a tad “fancier” lol), ended up soaking wet and our pictures were kinda blurry but who cares, the fun we had is what matters.

Mau, I already miss you!!!!!!

P.S- Here is a small video from yesterday and as you can see, we just couldn’t stop laughing 😀


El clima va de mal en peor, pero nada de eso importa cuando estas rodeado(a) de amigos y buena compañia.

Maurizio y yo finalmente nos conocimos ayer y nos la pasamos increíble. Fuimos a tomar un cafe, nos reímos como nunca, tomamos fotos bajo la lluvia, nos empapamos y aunque las fotos están super borrosas no importa por que nos divertimos como nunca.

¡¡¡Mau, ya te extraño!!!