Thanks to my lovely readers Maia, Maitane and Krizia for sending me the photos, now I have pics to show you of what I wore that day :).

Something really comfy (apart from the shoes that hurt like a b%&*), but sacrifices must be made during FW.

Anyway, today is my last day in Paris, I am going back home later and I couldn’t be happier!

More pics to follow!



103 thoughts on “PARIS FW DAY 4

  1. Hola, tu eres muy bonita pero con esos pantalones te ves muy mal, en pocas palabras son ridiculos. Parece la pijama de Tintan o algún personaje de esos. Es la primera vez que no me gusta tu vestuario y eso que soy seguidora tuya. No crees en la frase: de la moda lo que te acomoda?? No te ofendas

  2. Love those pants, where are they and your shoes from? At least they balance each other out in comfortability. I was at Paris Fashion Week but didn't bump into you =(

  3. I absolutely love the blazer, it's got strong shoulder details and works really well with your entire outfit. Hope you had fun in Paris x

  4. Awww you looked amazing. I think when you go home you need a couple of days to chill and digress. Don't let the fun work you then it's work and not fun and seriously what's the point of doing what you love if you don't love it? Just need a break then you can come back and write a lot of fun posts.

  5. so pretty photos!I follow yours blog.Now you can check-follow-comment my blog,i hope to see you in my readers:)

  6. You shoe collection is kinds a treasure gems for everyone who is into shoes and ask me who "who isn't?" lolMy love for Grey color increases everytime I see grey on you.<3

  7. Unfortunately those pants look like long johns…very unflattering! i think this is not the most optimal choice. Shoes also not so good looking…have nothing to do with high fashion.

  8. aw, I usually love your outfit posts but I think those leggings look really unflattering and OTT. You always look best when you're not really trying xxx

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