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So here is is what I wore for Paris FW day 1 … I decided to wear the leopard pants I wore to the Burberry show last week, just because I didn’t have any pics of me wearing them, but as you can see in the picture below, the day I wore them is the day I started getting pics from that day, oh my luck! haha

Thanks to Amy Ward for sending me this picture taken after the Burberry show last week.

As you know, I went to London by myself last week, therefor I had nobody to help me out with outfit pics.
A lot of you asked me to show you what I wore to the burberry show, so here it is!

Funny thing is, since I had no pictures of me from that day, I decided to wear the same leopard pants yesterday (To Barbara Bui) and just as I came back to my flat from PFW day 3, I saw this email from Amy which means, you will see these pants a lot on future posts (as I start collecting from the web all the pics taken yesterday).
Good think leopard is in trend right!

Speak to you soon!



96 thoughts on “PARIS FW DAY 3 AND BURBERRY

  1. you do look both events. but you should really let me know where you got the leopard print trousers..i must own them :)have a nice day

  2. I've been following your blog for quite a while now, your style is Lush!! I always get really inspired by you. I'm a fashion stylist and i've just started my fashion blog, please check out my blog there's not alot on there at the moment but it would be great if you paid a visit!!Thanx!!

  3. Wow you look really stylish wiht that outfit! And don't worry about wearing them twice because I wouldn't mind seeing them a millions times in your blog! Have a great day at PFW.-The Trendy Fashionista

  4. i LOVEEE how you wear the leopard trousers both times!!! awesome looks, you never let me down, always stylish and inspiring :)xoxo Hollywww.ispyfashiondiary.blogspot.comit would be amazing if you could visit me at my blog one day..:)))

  5. wow! You look stunning! I love tis leopard pants, it's gorgeous! I like this two stylizations with them!xoxo

  6. Thanks goodness for other bloggers, huh? I love that denim/leather jacket you are wearing in Paris, really striking…though not as striking as those velvet shoes! They are absolutely spectacular. :)

  7. Next time you're at London fashion week get in touch with some of us London bloggers, we don't want anyone going round by themselves! The leopard trews are so so jazzy.

  8. Those leopard pants are gorgeous!!!I especially liked them paired with the white shirt you wore for Burberry Fashion Show!!xoxoVikki

  9. I fell in love with your jacket and pants! Leopard pants are so sweet and beautiful! This color is … Oh my God, so beautiful!!!Thank you so much, that published the your look, Andy!xoxo

  10. Don't worry Andy! I think that's one of the things that we love about you…You're not afraid to use something twice plus you have the capacity to reinvent your outfit so it looks unique!

  11. . OMG, OMG andy, you looks AMAZING!! your pants & the heels, i'm so in love with these pieces! ♥

  12. The leopard pants are so cool! I've seen them yesterday and I really wanted to buy them, but I didn't cause probably I'm not self-confident enough -.-You're gorgeous anyways <3

  13. hee hee, it's ok that you wore the pants twice :) you look amazing as always and still loving those velvet heels in the first pics!

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