Morning guys!

So its almost weekend and today, as every other day of the week, I woke up early for my 7:00 am gym workout, although to be honest, I nearly fell asleep while doing the step machine (I guess I wasn’t pushing it as hard as I should have!)

As you could see in my last post, Autumn is now in its full force here, I don’t really mind because I know that the super cold weather coming our way is inevitable, so why make a big fuss about it (Im sure I will in upcoming posts tho :P )

Anyway, I got the most amazing sleeve for my MacBook and the cutest black purse via KIPLING 2 days ago. I have been searching for the perfect MacBook sleeve and I cant think of anything more perfect for me than this one, I am literally in love with it.

KIPLING is very interested in catering for the chic and fashionable crowd now and I am really loving their new lines, specially their vintage looking leather bags, they are amazing, so far away from the boring bags they used to make a while back, they are really in the game now!.




This is a completely fashion unrelated post but still, when I saw this through my window, I immediately wanted to share it with you guys … Autumn is such a beautiful season, isn’t it?


Este post no tiene nada que ver con la moda, pero cuando vi esto por mi ventana, quise compartirlo con ustedes…



Editorial by VOGUE Spain August 2010 via Fashion gone rogue

According to VOGUE Spain, Camel is the “New Black” and I don’t think that any of us will dare to disagree with that.

I am in love with all things Camel and although I already got my camel coat a while back, I think there might be space to squeeze one more in my closet, now I am just in the haunt for the perfect second one :)




Very often and ever since I can remember, I’ve found myself pairing songs with my mood, moments and situations in my life.

I love music, but I guess that is a common thing we all share, so to me, a lot of songs mean much more, they mark moments in my life, memories and the people I have shared them with, I guess you can say, there is indeed a soundtrack to my life.

Today there is a song buzzing me and although people around me constantly ask me to not play songs on repeat, I just cant help it…
I love this song and randomly found it last night on my forgotten playlist from way back when I used to live in Montreal, I hope you like it.

Boots: ASOS
Bag: Storets