October 28, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Morning guys!

So its almost weekend and today, as every other day of the week, I woke up early for my 7:00 am gym workout, although to be honest, I nearly fell asleep while doing the step machine (I guess I wasn’t pushing it as hard as I should have!)

As you could see in my last post, Autumn is now in its full force here, I don’t really mind because I know that the super cold weather coming our way is inevitable, so why make a big fuss about it (Im sure I will in upcoming posts tho 😛 )

Anyway, I got the most amazing sleeve for my MacBook and the cutest black purse via KIPLING 2 days ago. I have been searching for the perfect MacBook sleeve and I cant think of anything more perfect for me than this one, I am literally in love with it.

KIPLING is very interested in catering for the chic and fashionable crowd now and I am really loving their new lines, specially their vintage looking leather bags, they are amazing, so far away from the boring bags they used to make a while back, they are really in the game now!.