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Here are some pics I took of one of my favorite models, Frida Gustavsson after the DIOR show. She is so beyond stunning and surprisingly, the same height as me.

The more I go to Fashion weeks and I see models around from show to show or at parties, I have realized that I am still sometimes much taller than most of them, when I always thought they would all be so much taller than me.

With Frida its different, she is one of the tallest models out there right now and she is exactly my height :).




  1. hi andy..!while i was reading your post i thought, how tall are you anyway???in your pics you dont look soooo tall. so whats your hight without hills?

  2. i have also noticed that there are lots of models who are something like 175 cm only. Im model too and im 185 cm and i have to look down my colleaques :)great photos!!

  3. I have never, EVER seen anyone manage to wear hot pink eye shadow and look like anything other than a Vegas Showgirl. It is a true testament to Frida's beauty and class that she manages to pull it off and look like a 50's film star. She is so perfect it almost hurts to look at her and every inch the Dior couture girl.

  4. What stunning photos you have taken! The quality is really really good. I don;t think we often get to see photos that you yourself have taken, it's great to see how multi talented you are. :)

  5. Frida is amazing. Beautiful face, body, style! She's got it all going on, and so do you!! And yes, I realize that a lot of models are short, too, especially when I was in NYC this summer and they were walking all around the city. Some even no more than 5'7"! But I guess you cannot really tell when they pose in a magazine. These are great shots! Have fun and cannot wait to see more shots!xoxoDylana

  6. Really?! You're as tall as her? Wow. Why aren't you a model Andy? You're perfect for that! Frida is so gorgeous by the way!♥

  7. Frida is absolutely beautiful. But is she one of the tallest models? Well then i am taller than the tallest model. Scaring.. Thank you for wonderful blogging. With love, Sophie

  8. She is so beautiful! Every time I see her on the runway, I get excited 'cause I know that she is going to work that outfit! Amazing photos! I can't believe you got so close, I would of been so nervous.David

  9. ooo, this has inspired me to wear pink eyeshadow sometime this fall to contrast with these gray skies. beautiful! and I had no idea you were that tall! Then again, I'm five foot, so everyone's tall compared to me ;)//

  10. She's stunning!And I love her jacket too!!! :)I am surprised to hear models are not that tall, after all… I am 1.80m and I, too, thought they would be taller!!xxxVikki

  11. She's stunning!And I love her jacket too!!! :)I am surprised to hear models are not that tall, after all… I am 1.80m and I, too, thought they would be taller!!xxxVikki

  12. If she's around 180, then she's the same as me too, wow yeah I expected the majority of models to be my height or taller … though I guess we are pretty tall :P (recalls the other night out clubbing when I bravely wore wedges and was taller than 80% of the room inc. the guys lol)

  13. I think I'm half of you and sometimes I feel fortunate to be closer to the earth, and feel better about the smell of freshly cut grass …. …. ahhahahaha a positive consolation I have to try not to cry all day for my little height!Oh my God …. that is beautiful …. and also his coat …. I love her style!♥

  14. Frida is THE BEST. she is one of the most beautiful models, her smile is so cute, she walks so confident on the catwalk, and she's got an amazing style. and she's only tall are you then? i guess something like 1,80 m :)XOXO

  15. I think Andrea is like 180 cm, if i am not wrong! :) i know girls taller than her and its normal in eastern europe, but i know its kind of really tall in such countries as mexico or in south america..

  16. Gorgeous shots, especially the first one is brilliant! And I'm so jealous of the Parisian weather – London is rainy and dark while Paris still looks amazing as always!

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