October 30, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Hi guys, so here are some pics from the party I was invited to last night.

Matching models is a new modeling agency in Amsterdam and they threw an amazing party yesterday.

The champagne was flowing (served by cute male model looking guys), there were yummy bites to eat, nice crowd and one of their special guests was the infamous “worlds first supermodel” (as she likes to call herself) Janice Dickinson.

Overall it was a really fun night, perfect way to spend my friday evening, unfortunately, we ended at a tex-mex fast food restaurant (not my idea) and since I am Mexican, that food just wont ever impress me and to be honest, it was BEYOND bad.

In Mexico tacos WONT come in a hard shell, the only thing with hard shells are TOSTADAS, bottom line.

Pretty please, don’t ever confuse that kind of food with real Mexican food, it is NOT THE SAME and if you live in Amsterdam and you want to try REAL MEXICAN FOOD, go to “Los Pilones”, which is the only real Mexican food I have had in Amsterdam.

And If you live in Holland, Im sorry to break the news like this, but TACO MUNDO couldn’t be further from real Mexican food, please don’t be mislead.

Enjoy your Saturday!