I have to admit that one of my least favorite things about Autumn and Winter (apart from the freezing cold of course), its the fact that it gets dark really early, making it very difficult to take descent outfit pictures outdoors and the only option is to take them indoors, which often means really bad light/pictures.

I was only able to shoot past 8pm last night and I tried my best to get the best light I could, unfortunately the pictures didn’t turn out as good as I would have wanted them to, but I did my best so here is what I wore yesterday.

P.S- I still think its hilarious that people sometimes are SO INDISCREET and literally stop and stare whenever you are wearing something that is slightly out of the “conventional”.


Juro que este post no es para quejarme en lo absoluto, pero el hecho de que vivo en Holanda y el Otoño e Invierno están a la vuelta de la esquina, hace dificilísimo el tomar fotos para el blog en la semana.

Cada dia oscurece mas temprano y como yo no soy fan de tomar fotos con flash, tengo que conformarme con tomar fotos con luz artificial y no me gusta para nada pero en fin, es mejor que nada ¿no?


Pants: H&M
Neon tee: River Island
Coat: Monki

I leave you with a song I have been obsessing over for the past few days…♡


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  1. Where is the bag from? Please answer at my blog:)I also have that pants from HM and believe that everyone stares at me whenevere i wear those, but i dont care. They are so cool and so good to wear :D

  2. Aaah, you have the pants! I'm still not sure whether to buy it or not.. It sure looks good on you with the pink.. Awesome outfit :) x http//:hyperjulia.wordpress.com

  3. AH i love that song too. i reckon you'd love Boyce Avenue's cover of it, i'm addicted to it!! here's the link of ithttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhFSgnvKqm4&feature=subannnnd those pants are awesome. For a second i thought, "are those sass&bide?!" great design. (and great legs in them ;D )

  4. I just fnished reading through your WHOLE blog. It took awhile, but it was worth it! I enjoyed all your fashion interpretations and will definitely be following you. Everything is awesome!

  5. It's okay love, I live right in the middle of the not-so-fashionable prairies in Canada so there's just a bunch of rednecks around here that are like "WHAT are you wearing" whenever I go out. I don't care though – the only person who your outfit should matter to is YOU!Love the look as always Andy.xx

  6. Andy tu blog es espectacular! me encantó tu estilo de ropa y de fotografia… eres una total representante de Paris a pesar de ser mexican MIL felicitaciones de Chile y muchisimas gracias por tu comment de Chile!

  7. gorgeous pictures. love the pop of pinkhttp://lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– Make sure you enter my Tory Burch giveaway in honor of National Women's Business Week

  8. agree with you. It's getting darker outside and there is no opportunity to make good pictures. I think that your neon top looks brighter during the daylight ;) Nice look

  9. cute outfit!! I think the pics look good too, good change in scenery. I've also been super obsessing over this song. it's so beautiful…Stay FLYY!www.flyycoast2coast.wordpress.com

  10. Hilarious I just was listening to that Bruno Mars song on my way to work I like it. I love this outfit it looks like something I would put on if I had somewhere to go. LOL I wear sweats most of the time, but that pink is the same pink on my skull sweater it stands out and I love it. I guess I don't care if strangers stare everytime I walk through the fashion district all the mexicans stare at me I know it sounds bad, but literally they just stare at me so now I'm used to it. It doesn't matter if I'm dressed up or not they still stare.

  11. a little bit of neon goes a looonnggg way Andy :)i hate it when it goes really cloudy and dark outside too.. i dont have winter, but the rainy season is in (which also prevents me from taking outdoor shots!)..for indoor shots, I usually like plain walls or wear an outfit that sorta goes with the furniture. lol.. a tripod and a remote control ARE very helpful as you can use lower shutter speeds so that the pictures wont come out grainy due to the high ISO. and I believe your f/1.4 lens is amazing in low light situations too :)sorry for rambling alot in your comment feed Andy. I just want to help out :D

  12. finally someone says what ive been thinking! i can never get any outfit pics in because when have time to take them its dark!love the mix of the bright pink and black and whiteXXVi from Cali

  13. I love that song!! and I love you!great pictures once again, hyped you on lookbook. the pink shirt is pure love.keep posting<3http://ssaraste.blogspot.com/

  14. C'mon, there's nothing wrong with these pictures, they look amazing, same as your outfit! :o)You're right about people staring at some of our outfits, sometimes it becomes a bit rude I think..x

  15. Me encantaaaa!! La camiseta fuscia se ve increible con el pantalon! RElike!Besoooshttp://lavidaenbyn.blogspot.com

  16. Not very long ago I was in Rotterdam and people just stared at me for wearing clothing they didn't understand since it was 'unconventional'. And here I thought they would be more open-minded than in my tiny city.I know exactly what you mean!!!I will always keep on wearing whatever I like, despite the staring people! :)Love,Nancy

  17. God Andy i swear i will never get tired of your outfits!! :D they're always so lovely, (even if the lighting isn't the best!). So jealous of those HM pants :) gorgeous look againg and you look great!Although I'm tired of that song haha:S they won't stop playin it on the radio haha :pp.s. I know what you mean about the staring…hahahaxoxo Hollywww.ispyfashiondiary.blogspot.com<333

  18. me encanta todo este post hasta lo que has escrito. yo tambien visto con lo que me da la gana y se sabe entre mis amigas que yo soy la mas original (intentando seguir siendo elegante)pero tambien se quedan mirando y me incomoda en fin… que se le puede hacer. ellos siguen las tendencias sin aportar nada a este mundo jaja xDbesitoss!! http://paatstyle.blogspot.com

  19. This looks great! The pictures still look nice :)I also hate it when people just stare because I'm wearing something different. I feel like saying, "at least I'm fashionable." :P

  20. I know the feeling. People stare at me just because I have red hair. It's quite depressing that it's getting dark earlier, I have the feeling that it's bedtime haha. But you look great in these photos!

  21. Love the pictures, they are lovely anyway!!!I understand what you mean by saying people often look at you funny for being dress in unusual ways… I live in a medium-sized city so people are not as open-minded as, say, London, Milan or New York… so funny looks are something I have to cope with everyday!!! :DxoxoVikkihttp://stylometre.blogspot.com

  22. What I hate most now that it gets dark really early is that I can't wear sunglasses all afternoon… :PP I don't blame them stranger! With this outfit you're quite a show-stopper! :))Have fun, Lena!styleloverlena.blogspot.com

  23. I love that Bruno Mars song, it's so feel good, and I really love how you mixed the neon is subtly, and I really don't think it's terribly unconventional :)INTOTHEFOLDFASHION.BLOGSPOT.COM

  24. I wore the same pants today, and everyone stopped to stare at me.. some even laughed. But I love them so much that I just laughed back! hahaRockin it Andy!xoxo from Australia,- Baz from little-ladylove.blogspot.com =)

  25. I love the print of the^pants and the fit of it, I have the dress. Well combined with the pink tank and black coat. I know whta you mean, people staring makes me go nuts!!! ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  26. hey andy, u can say what u want but the pics are great! and is because ur outfit makes EVERYTHING!! I love the color of ur t shirt (im in love with pink i i guess) and it`s so true about what u mention when people stare at u saying for themselves: What the hell is she wearing??? I hate it so much! anyway…xoxo!

  27. love love love it!!! I adore how you paired those givenchy inspired pants with the vibrant top an ultra cool necklace.As far as the staring people go, I think deep down they all just wish they had the guts to wear something to stand out a little. It's easier to go with the flow. You look great tho and they're just jealous :)xox VickyBikinis & Passports

  28. I still think the pictures look damn good! Maybe it's because you are so gorgeous! And that song is so beautiful! I love it! annexwww.annechristensen.blogspot.com

  29. you're not the only one obsessing over this song:D I mentioned it in my last post aswell! teh song.. is amazing:) can't say much more.. can i?;)xxCyliaaaa.blogspot.com

  30. I absolutely love neon colors! Unfortunately many girls don't dare to wear them, which is pretty sad in my opinion! Personally, I got a bathing suit in that color <3http://speakupcurvygirls.blogspot.com/

  31. don't be so hard on yourself, the pics came out lovely as always :) your outfit is amazing, really love the first pic with your reflection!xoxomissmollyfashions.blogspot.com

  32. O my! Some neon pink and those incredible pants rock so hard together! Loving the outfit, especially the necklace and the long coat, where is it from? ;-) xxx

  33. You look fabulous as always! no matter the light)Totally agree on weird looks. I especially get annoyed when I eat somewhere in a restourant or a caffee and people just sit there and stare..But on the other hand, it's nice to stand out)xxxhttp://ia-fetishistka.blogspot.com

  34. Yeap,i know…i though that only in Greece we have that problem but it seems people are the same everywhere…But who cares??You are Fbulous and your style is perfect!!you are right.its hilarious…:)

  35. You're so right.,..i don't get it either why people get confronted with creative fashion looks …only dead fish swim with the stream…xxhttp://fashiontweed.blogspot.com

  36. That also happens to me oftenly but I don't care!We have to love the way we are and what we wear!Go sweet Andy!Loved the outfit as always…Silhttp://myfashionscript.blogspot.com

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