Although Autumn always means that Winter is coming and temperatures start falling, it is definitely one of my favorite seasons because nothing can beat the colors of nature during the Fall.


Aunque la llegada del Otoño significa que el Invierno esta a la vuelta de la esquina y no solo eso, sino que esta a punto de empezar el frío, nada se puede comparar con los colores de la naturaleza durante esta temporada.



169 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY

  1. q hermosas fotos, las hojas se ven preciosas y tu look, bueno! eres genial andy… :) me encanta todo lo q te pones.esos zapatos son bellisimos, y tu bolsa wow! me mató jeje.saludosxoxo

  2. the layers, colors, and accessories are all so amazing, and your hair looks really good straight like this!i love fall for the same reasons as you – red leaves are my favorite :)

  3. cute outfit, but I wonder: What can you do besides comment on this outfit?NOTHING.Here I see a more old-fashioned concept, where you can look at and nothing else.Look at the experience of another person.I think today the fashion is changing and that normal people want to interact with it, want to experience!An example where any person can experience is http://www.aliveshoes.com/v.php?d=home&t=cD.

  4. I love this outfit. The layers and the colors suit you perfectly. Also, I would kill for that leather jacket. Other than that I am a little sad I miss seeing fall Cali just isn't the same for me I miss the color changes.

  5. i love fall too, but not as much as i absolutely adore your blog! ♥ who does your photography? it's wonderfulhttp://ohwaywardgirl.blogspot.com/

  6. To Nina Day: you asked to Andy: "if you're mexican then why speak in an american accent" Well, more american than mexican anyway… Mmm, would be perhaps that if she's living in Amsterdam for sooo many years and doesnt speak dutch, she's forced to talk in english all day, and the more you practice the more you keen the language, that doesn't mean she's less mexican, for GOD sake!!!

  7. This is such a ridiculously perfect off-duty look. Luxe fabrics, neutral tones, all just do delicious. Perfect ensemble, yet natural and effortlessly chic. I have been following your blog for a while and I love it. What you have achieved through it is incredible. I know you are super busy, but was wondering, do you work as a freelance stylist now? And how did you kind of get to where you are today? Xella-lapetiteanglaise.blogspot.com

  8. I agree, the colors of fall are the most beautiful :)and I love that leather jacket!!! :)commonsenseandstilettos.blogspot.com

  9. At first glance it's a very simple, but still super chic, outfit but then you start discovering these little details that takes it to a whole other level. Cool!

  10. I'm so into wrap cardis like yours! They are cool, and fall is definitely my favorite season too, though I'm pretty sure you miss Mexico's kind of fall… have a great day ;)http://blog.cessoviedo.com

  11. Andy U so right about Autumn , it is the most amaizing season of the year .In coutry that I live now we don't have an Autumn and I'am miss so much to red & yelow colors .

  12. Andy you look stunning! I love this boots, it's gorgeous! The cardigan, jacet and bag is amazing too!greetings fromhttp://mikalafashion.blogspot.com/

  13. I was wondering what do you actually do in your life? I mean, what is your job? Is there something more, except you are a stylist?Greetings, Karolina :)

  14. Amazing outfit!! And the colours are great in these photos!!!WOW…What do you think of my blog?www.thelittlesweetheart.blogspot.comHave a beautiful Sunday :)Love, Barbara

  15. I know what you mean. The leaves colors are just amazing this season. Although it's cold, I can feel the warmth coming from the trees :DYou look so great in these photos!

  16. I love this outfit of yours, simple yet great! That long cardi is absolutely amazing!!! :)xxxVikkihttp://stylometre.blogspot.com

  17. Andy.. amo ese par de zapatos, son bellisimos.. luces diferente, definitivamente el cabello, pero como siempre tan linda..espero todo te este yendo re bien.. Un super beso – Jackie Br.

  18. In the previous post, you say to your friend "if you're german then why wear the american scarf" or something along those lines, well I have to ask, "if you're mexican then why speak in an american accent" Well, more american than mexican anyway…Great outfit, love the cardi.

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