An image from the LANVIN + H&M collabo has been released and I would be lying if I said I am not counting down the days for this to hit the stores.

I am not a fan of lining up for hours and hours to get in a shop, I have never done it and probably never will, so I’ll have to try my luck and purchase this online, although the chances are very slim, I managed to get my hands on my favorite dress from the Jimmy Choo for H&M last season.

I am praying I can get my hands on some Lanvin goodies as well…PRETTY PLEASE, I have been a good girl, I promise!



41 thoughts on “LANVIN FOR HM

  1. I was at a shop last year to get my hands on some items of the Jimmy Choo collection and it was a horror. Fortunately I had a bracelet to get in and shop for a fixed time, so I got everything I wanted… But I saw how they hit each other to get in before the others and a woman told me that she wanted to buy a dress and another woman dragged it off her hands. Greets from Fashionvictress! ♥

  2. Wait who is the older woman in the ad? I feel like I should know who that is..hmmm not a good memory day. Oh well this should be a good collection your so lucky that the UK has the ability to shop online. H&M still hasn't set that up for the US yet and it sucks I guess they are still figuring out how to do shipping customs can be such a bitch.

  3. I love how H&M does this collaborations with top motch designers, I hoep it keeps on going for a long time. This is defenetly one of the thigns fashion needs. Besides it's liek couture for less and i can defenetly work with that hahaha

  4. I can't wait 'till this collections comes out! I'm counting the days too :) I'm not a big fan of lining up and waiting for hours untill the store opens. How do you buy these collections online? I would love to know. Thanks!-The Trendy Fashionista

  5. I cannot tell if the older woman is in a coat or dress-whatever it is, It's fantastic. and the one shoulder number,too. There is a few H&M locations here, so I may try to hit up the lesser popular location to avoid frenzy.

  6. Me too counting the days for this great release in stores H & MI can not wait to buy something this magnificent collection =)Amazing blog!I hope that you will spend from mine =)Thanks

  7. Lanvin una de las marcas más influyentes del siglo 21, me encantaaa!El 23 de Noviembre ya estará en las tiendas, aunque yo tampoco soy de las que hace cola, probaré el línea “suerte”!Besitos!

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