Here are some pics I completely forgot to post from KENZO’s 40th anniversary party during Paris Fashion week.

Denni and I met up with Alix and Pandora at the party, we had such an amazing time…We laughed out loud the whole time, drank Champagne (as you can probably see), talked about which character of Sex and the city we would be, discussed the differences between Mexican boys and French boys and shared our actor/model/musician crushes…bottom line, we had a blast, such a night to remember and believe me when I tell you, these 2 French girls are as sweet as they are beautiful.

And last but certainly not least, here are some pictures+video form the KENZO SS11 show.

The location was at the Cirque d’ Hiver in Paris and since it was KENZO’s 40th anniversary, they had to go all out.

The show was incredible, it was indeed “one hell of a show”, specially at the end when the ensembles that Vanessa Reid and Antonio Marras put together came out for the finale, an army of beautiful dolls in striking colorful costumes and of course, my favorite moment has to be when the models came out at the end, strolling down to my favorite composers waltz, simply magical.

I know that the pictures probably wont do much justice to the amazing costumes, but trust me when I say, KENZO went indeed all out and will have us remembering this night for a while.



72 thoughts on “KENZO SS11 AND AFTER PARTY

  1. wow those Japanese style shoes are gorgeous!the hole ss11 collection of Kenzo is fantastic, all the colors. I wish I was there to see it for real:)

  2. I remember photos from this. That was quite the show. It reminded me of those Chinese plays that I can't remember the name of right now, but very nice. Too bad everyone was upstaged by Chanel I don't think this show got all the coverage it should have had that week.

  3. great photos! I love that you give us an inside look to shows and parties you go too. You have a fabulous life and it's fun to be a part of it in a little way! :D xxrachele

  4. I looove your pictures, and the invitation to the show looks fab..!! Have a lovely weekend dear!xx Daphne

  5. I love that runway show, how amazing! you and your friends are very cute too; where did you get that floral pullover? I saw someone else wear it on Chictopia

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