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I literally just came in from the Emanuel Ungaro show and decided that I needed to share the pics with you right away.
Everyone was there, from Dree Hemingway to Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolina Kurkova, Ana Beatriz Barros, Bambi and the list goes on.

The location looked like a green house and inside they set up a “garden-like runway”, which was more like a place were the models were hanging out and speaking to each other or the guests.

Everything was very colorful, full of flowers and there were people catering champagne, macaroons and chocolates, there was definitely a very relaxed and informal vibe.

The collection was stunning, full of see through laces, embroideries, crystals and transparencies, a completely different thing from what we saw from Ungaro last season, you know, when the whole Lindsay Lohan collaboration happened.

My favorite pieces have to be the mini see through lace dresses, although it would take some courage to wear that out, specially in Amsterdam.

I am off now, My Chloe invitation got lost and I need to sort out what to do before the show starts in about 2 hours … Fashion Week panic!

P.S- I dont know why they keep writing Monsieur Andy Torres on my Paris FW invitations…Hello!??




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  1. I totally agree that this season is so much better than the last one when the whole lindsey thing happened! It was so sad that Esteban Cortazar had to quit because of that, but I'm proud the he stayed truth to himself, instead of working with Lohan!

  2. Hi Andy,i don't know if you knew, but i thought i saw a picture of you ( in paris?) in the Viva last week, a little picture of you on page 33?Love.

  3. amazing outfits! the lace see through dress is my favorite too! you're so lucky to be in paris AND at the shows/parties! I love that you share it with all of us though! thanks! :Dxochelehttp://wildflowerbazaar.blogspot.com

  4. Their calling you a guy because Andy IS a GUYS name. Not a girls name. Maybe you should've looked more into your nickname. Plus whats wrong with Andrea? I love that name :]

  5. Wow, that's amazing! I love that it was not a traditional runway show and involved models "hanging out" amongst the guests:) You're such a lucky girl!! Hope you find the Chloe invitation!TheOwlsCloset.blogspot.com

  6. The dresses, the styling and the whole extravaganza looks so beautiful and almost other-worldly. If there were one thing I could wish to achieve in life it would be to get myself a job that requires me to dress in, or at least be in the presence of couture this divine… And spending a few days sipping champagne with the fashion elite in Paris wouldn't hurt either. X ella-lapetiteanglaise.blogspot.com

  7. Thats the perfect way to show clothes!What a gorgeous hair and make up :)Good luck with managing your lost invitation problem!K. Annethttp://fromtheclay.blogspot.com

  8. Hi, first of all i'd like to tell you i totally love your style & totally love your blog & the fact that you mix perfectly cheap & chic items of clothing !I would like to add that on your invite card, there is a fault, they wrote "Monsieur Andy Torres" which means : Mister Andy Torres, didnt they see you, the beautiful girl you are ! grr !Lots of kisses from France, i'd have loved to meet you, unfortunately i am not in paris when you are ! http://dragonbackback.blogspot.comAyse.

  9. Every great woman get's confused for a man at one time or another. It's because they don't expect women to be so fabulous. Haha. Anyway your right it looks like they are getting back on their feet after the whole Lindsey thing and they lost their amazing design team. Ahhh here's hoping the recover will keep on going.

  10. Hi dear, I am from Brazil. I love your blog. Was so good see brazilian models on your blog at de post emanuel ungaro SS11. Muchas gracias por ser una persona especial. Por postar so good things here. Muchos besitos from Brazil. We love you here. p.s- YOU AR SO BEAUTIFUL AND IT GIRL. kisses dear.Viviane Paiva

  11. what a gorgeous and creative show ! i love the heidy braided hair and all of the lace pieces !and about the monsieur.. maybe because its "andy" and maybe alot of people think "andy" is a boys name !?anyway, i cant wait for the rest of your photos andy !

  12. Amazing pictures!trough them it seems I'm in Paris too!!and make me wanna come back soon!!thank you to share with us your experience!!and you as always the best!!

  13. love the collectionhaha they think you're a guy because of your name….but your name is a girlname right?they're a bit stupid :Dhttp::/loresfashion.blogspot.com

  14. I love that kind of informal show!and they probably write Monsieur because in french, we don't really have such names as Andrew, Andrea… so the only "Andys" we know are men (in series, movies and so on)…As they don't know you, they probably just assume Andy is a guys name!

  15. Omg what a wonderful pictures and collection ! I love them !Well done Andy :)love your blog so muchkisswww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  16. these photos are totally fab and chic, loved the colour and omg these lace dresses are totally gorge, amazing detail. loved the photosvasilievahttp://elenavasilieva.blogspot.com/x

  17. these photos are totally fab and chic, loved the colour and omg these lace dresses are totally gorge, amazing detail. loved the photosvasilievahttp://elenavasilieva.blogspot.com/x

  18. Love the clothes and the whole concept of the runway. I think I can guess what was the inspiration for the models' styling: Frida Kahlo? ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  19. love the flower bag!and the lace dress!! and the flower sunglasses! wow!gorgeous! should have been a pretty interesting defile/gathering!xoxo

  20. Awesome Pictures Andy!!! You are very talented! I love the red of the lipstick btw. and i just bought one in the same colour. You can see it in one of my october blog post :) Greetings from Vienna!Chloé

  21. Oh this is amazing! It was an interesting presentation.. Seemed so relaxing. The dresses are gorgeous!! Lucky you! :D:D Thanks for sharing

  22. Hey Andy, Ik zag je foto bij de graziapage en later zag ik je foto's weer bij Lookbook. Ik was aan het kijken voor foto's voor m'n fashion illustraties en ik heb 3 leuke foto's gezien die ik als inspiratie zou willen gebruiken…Zou je dat leuk vinden? 1: met de groene blazer: http://lookbook.nu/look/803561-WHAT-HAPPENS-IN-FLORENCE2: met je hand in het haar: http://lookbook.nu/look/886143-AMSTERDAM-FASHION-WEEK-DAY-13: Met sjaal:http://lookbook.nu/files/looks/large/334463_blue1.jpg?1254562861Ik zie trouwens dat je ook bij de birthdayparty van Glamour was, (daar was ik ook toevallig!)Je kunt m'n werk bekijken op http://www.marjoleincaljouw.blogspot.comPS. Ik ga er van uit dat je Nederlands kan toch? Weet het niet zeker…

  23. Actually, it is written "Mister" (= Monsieur) !! But anyway, it is from Emanuel Ungaro !! So .. I really love the make-up, i want to try the combo smokey eyes + dark purple lips that i really adore ! But i don't have the opportunity to try this, so only my nails are in a dark purple colour ! Love your blog, and yes i follow you on Facebook =) ^^ Sylvie P.

  24. Ana Beatriz is always the best!lovely post!i love Ungaro!did u see anna dello russo at the show?she's stunning no?:)ciaoEleonorawww.neovecchiostile.it

  25. P.S.Yes, we must have the courage to wear a gorgeous dress on the street in Amsterdam … But these lace … Ah! what a beautiful clothes …!

  26. What an alternative idea for a show!Amazing!PS I so understand how you feel, they call me "meneer" in Holland all the time))XXXTali

  27. I love Ungaro so much… And this collection is especially great… Guess which nationality is Karolina Kurkova? Sure the same as mine – she is Czech and I adore her so much…Thank you for sharing these pics, it's great to see the show from your lenses. :) P. <3 (THEVOILE.BLOGSPOT.COM)

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