Here are some of my favorite inspirational details shots from Paris by no other than Caroline and Daniel.

I have been bumping into them everywhere this spring and summer, from Paris and Copenhagen to Stockholm and back in Paris last week.
I must admit that their blog is my all time favorite but then, I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way.



75 thoughts on “DETAILS

  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures! Just bought a vintage red leather skirt and the last picture gave me a boost of inspiration on how to wear it.

  2. Stockholm Streetstyle is definitely one of my favorite blogs as well! I wish I met them someday! Love the photos, so inspiring!

  3. Yup, they're definitely one of my favourites too! They take such amazing photos, no? You're lucky to have been photographed by them and appeared on their site before ;)

  4. Omg I love these details !! I love every single outfitI love Caroline and Daniel's blog :), they're great photographer !Love your

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