Hi guys, so here are some pics from the party I was invited to last night.

Matching models is a new modeling agency in Amsterdam and they threw an amazing party yesterday.

The champagne was flowing (served by cute male model looking guys), there were yummy bites to eat, nice crowd and one of their special guests was the infamous “worlds first supermodel” (as she likes to call herself) Janice Dickinson.

Overall it was a really fun night, perfect way to spend my friday evening, unfortunately, we ended at a tex-mex fast food restaurant (not my idea) and since I am Mexican, that food just wont ever impress me and to be honest, it was BEYOND bad.

In Mexico tacos WONT come in a hard shell, the only thing with hard shells are TOSTADAS, bottom line.

Pretty please, don’t ever confuse that kind of food with real Mexican food, it is NOT THE SAME and if you live in Amsterdam and you want to try REAL MEXICAN FOOD, go to “Los Pilones”, which is the only real Mexican food I have had in Amsterdam.

And If you live in Holland, Im sorry to break the news like this, but TACO MUNDO couldn’t be further from real Mexican food, please don’t be mislead.

Enjoy your Saturday!



Here are some pics I completely forgot to post from KENZO’s 40th anniversary party during Paris Fashion week.

Denni and I met up with Alix and Pandora at the party, we had such an amazing time…We laughed out loud the whole time, drank Champagne (as you can probably see), talked about which character of Sex and the city we would be, discussed the differences between Mexican boys and French boys and shared our actor/model/musician crushes…bottom line, we had a blast, such a night to remember and believe me when I tell you, these 2 French girls are as sweet as they are beautiful.

And last but certainly not least, here are some pictures+video form the KENZO SS11 show.

The location was at the Cirque d’ Hiver in Paris and since it was KENZO’s 40th anniversary, they had to go all out.

The show was incredible, it was indeed “one hell of a show”, specially at the end when the ensembles that Vanessa Reid and Antonio Marras put together came out for the finale, an army of beautiful dolls in striking colorful costumes and of course, my favorite moment has to be when the models came out at the end, strolling down to my favorite composers waltz, simply magical.

I know that the pictures probably wont do much justice to the amazing costumes, but trust me when I say, KENZO went indeed all out and will have us remembering this night for a while.




I love Fashion and I would like to think I know a fair share about it, but when it comes to hair and make up, I am pretty much lost.

I have been wanting to do something different with my hair for ages, although cutting it shorter is completely out of the question, which makes it even harder to come up with a “new look”.
I have bangs now, but I found these pics of me exactly a year ago where my bangs were slightly longer and messier, so I am thinking to get that look again.

What do you think? short or long bangs?

P.S- Here is a shout out to Paloma, one of my besties from Mexico cause today is her Birthday :D … Happy birthday honey bee!!!! Sending you all my love from across the pond! ♥♥♥


Me fascina la moda y me gustaría pensar que se mucho sobre ella, pero cuando se trata de maquillaje y de cabello, la verdad soy un caso perdido.

Llevo meses queriendo hacer algo nuevo con mi cabello, pero como no pienso cortarmelo, es mas difícil encontrar un nuevo look, ¿Alguien tiene sugerencias?

P.S- Mando un beso enorme y un abrazo de oso polar hasta Mexico por que hoy es el cumple de una de mis mejores amigas :) … ¡¡¡¡Feliz cumpleanos Paloma!!!!