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  1. Paris is truly a city to fall in love with. I have been there 1½ years ago and I had the greatest time. Seeing this short movie makes me miss Paris. Have fun at FW. x

  2. Love your interest in those old streetlamps. And you close-up pictures of Sacre Ceur are just amazing. Paris is so charming! ;-DHugs fromA Shopaholic is loosehttp://ashopaholicisloose.blogspot.com

  3. I use to hate Paris for its people but each time you talk about it or post pics and videos, I fall in love as if it was a different city !thank you for that !xxx

  4. I am going to Paris in March with my university. I cannot wait. I have been DYING to go there for years now and your photographs are making me more excited!Georgiexxhttp://styleprincessdiaries.blogspot.com

  5. when i was in paris a couple of weeks ago we went to the sacre ceure which are those stairs at night, and i strongly recomment it to you! it was so fun! they were making music everyone was chatting and everything! it's so nice!

  6. Love the video! I am so jealous! Paris is one of my favorite city's in the whole world!Have fun girls, enjoy your trip!Xoxo Birgittehttp://fashionaccordingtobirgitte.blogspot.com

  7. I love your paris pictires – I'm sooo in love in this city! And if we add PFW – it's called heaven :D enjoy your stay!<3Kingahttp://thestyleblabber.blogspot.com/

  8. Love the old film and adore the soundtrack. Can you tell me where is the last song (on this video) and last one from?…If not, can someone give me a hint? Thanks,have fun in Paris!

  9. I never had much interest in Paris before: I felt that there were other more beautiful places in France. But after seeing these pictures, Paris has moved up significantly on my list of "places to see".

  10. Oh la la this is like heaven. The video is great! I know you must be extremely busy and stressed so thank you so much for keeping as tuned :)-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  11. Ha, I thought it would be Denni who joins you during the fashion week ;)Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and video from paris – I miss the city soooo much, it was May when I was there. Thanks again! <3

  12. Me ha encantado el video de París, me ha dado nostalgia al volver a ver esa maravillosa ciudad. Que te lo pases muy bien en la Fashion Week.BesitossssCris

  13. Does anybody here knows the Programm Andy use to make her beautiful Videos??I hope someone knows it :DThank you alland Andy.. i still love your Blog since the first Time..you are the loveliest Blogger ever <3

  14. YAY! I LOVE the pics! I'm going to Paris in November with my hubby for our 1 year anniversary! :)It's going to be SO ROMANTIC! I cannot wait!Any tips on places to go?? Or hotels to stay in?? I'd appreciate your feedback since you're a pro on [email protected]://belledecouture.blogspot.com

  15. Andy, qué bien hablas inglés, qué maravilla! lo estudiaste en Mexico? y el video es precioso, yo estuve en Julio de luna de miel en Paris y Londres, en Paris era la primera vez que estuve y me encantó y bueno, Londres ya era la tercera vez que estaba y como siempre, me chifla London! beso grande

  16. Looking at your pictures brings back lovely memories of a fantastic week in Paris I had 3 years ago… thank you so much for taking me back to memory lane!!xxVikkihttp://stylometre.blogspot.com

  17. Great pics and video ! I'm glad you've enjoyed "my" city, Paris is such a beautiful place :D I would have liked to see U there, while wandering in the streets ! XxX

  18. you are soo lucky to be there! had a feeling your PFW partner was Denni but thought she was in the States! Hope you guys have the time of your livesxoxomissmollyfashions.blogspot.com

  19. Oh Andy, I love love love Montmartre and Sacre Coeur! amazing places in an amazing city!<3 Cinta from trappedinherclosethttp://trappedinhercloset.blogspot.com/

  20. Hey Andy…lovley Video and pics… …i think you should come to vienna one day..just because you love Paris so much..and i think this city is similar when we talk about all the buildings etc. Have fun…and keep us updated! xxhttp://fashiontweed.blogspot.com

  21. I adore your blog so much Andy :D and your videos from Paris are to die for. <3 I visited it some weeks ago and was almost at every place you show, I forgot my camera so they videos bring back such beautiful memories.

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