This might be nothing compared to the “proper video” of the show, but I wanted to share it with you guys anyway.

I really wanted to show you what I saw, so you could see things from my perspective and get excited with me…I still cant believe I was there, such an honor and a dream come true.

All pictures taken by me for StyleScrapbook®

I was not only lucky enough to attend the Burberry Prorsum show, but I was also invited to Burberry’s headquarters, better known as “Horseferry house”.

I got to see the new collection straight off the runway and some of my highlights (apart from the stunning dresses ) have to be the silver python trench coat, the trench with the leather sleeves and the studded leather jacket, which in fact weights probably over 6 or 7 Kgs, which might be a little heavy on the shoulders but who cares, if I was given any of that, I would wear it as a uniform for the next few months to come, I promise you that…




  1. ::BREATHTAKINGS:: *tries to catch breath* This is an amazing post! Burberry Prorsum is EVERYTHING! Leather, studs, neon, patent = BADASS! Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

  2. I am in London for 4 months since saturday, what a pity !I will not be here for the Castelbajac's show like last season but hope to see you soon !Enjoy Paris Fashion week !xxStéphanie

  3. Oh lucky YOU! The show was so stunning. Got goosebumps,too?Christopher Bailey is such a genius- even the music was so fantastic. He creates real feelings! Did you meet him at the headquarter?

  4. daaaaaamn so beautiful. I'm waiting for the day that either someone gives me some of these pieces or that I can buy them myself ;-)love it!

  5. Pues espero que tu si hayas visto bien el desfile porque para mi que había demasiada luz y todo deslumbraba en si se perdía la toma pero todo muy bonito!,que suerte =)

  6. You know, I think I like your perspective better than the "proper version" of the show. Ah, I really want to get my hands in those jackets :) You're such a lucky girl and especially lucky to have gone to Burberry headquarters. Btw, did you find Christopher? :)-The Trendy Fashionista

  7. Wow… can't believe you were there… that one is truly the golden ticket. Your photo's are gorgeous – as it the python trench. It must've been a dream come true! xx

  8. this clothes take everyones breathee straight away!!!!!stunning, beautiful, awesome… just GREAT!!!i would die for one piece of them!!!kisses xxxxx julia

  9. The show really was amazing, I was totally blown away that the fall 2010 show could actually be matched or possibly even topped. Your veryy lucky to have gone, super duper jealous ;)

  10. OMG!! You are so freakin lucky! How much luckier can you get?!! lol I can never say it enough! You're awesome Andy. I really love the black leather jacket it is perfection! I'm very happy for you, it is evident that you are doing so well with your blog! Best wishes to you! :)♥

  11. Jacket in 7 is ridiculously insane. Looks a huge responsability to carry it, perfect perfecto! The feel of it must be quite something. Not so sure about the shoes though, they also looked

  12. Omg Andy I'm so happy for you :D !!Actually I wasn't a big Burberry's fan but now I'M !!!!I loved this collection sooooooooooo much, I was really impressed. I've never seen something like this in Burberry maison ! GREATlove your

  13. OMG, OMG… the dresses, I'm totally in love for those dresses…and that jacket???? awesome…oh Andy, u so lucky for living your dream…Today I read your blog from the first post till now…you're such an inspiration <3 I'm anxious to buy a new sewing machine…tanks Andy (L)

  14. that video you made is really great, loved to see it from another angle. + looks like you had fun at the Horseferry house, been these myself a few years back, it's totally fab, could spend hours in these looking at all the Burberry goodiesvasilieva

  15. This was a perfect collection, Christopher did a really good job. The jackets and the colors were just perfect!& LOVE to see the clothes from this clothes, amazing…

  16. Oh my god! I love all of this stuff. Burberry is so clever in that it never changes its identity, always keeps to the basic classic theme, and yet ALWAYS makes it new and interesting. I am in love with that leather jacket. :)

  17. me encanta todo de la coleccion de burberry. las cazadoras con tachas son genialeste invito a conocer mi blog

  18. the show was so awesome and i watched it on your blog! to go to the show is one of my dreams :) like the beige trench coat from the first pic….xoxo claudia

  19. pity that the models look like white ghosts, really great video though! :) i'm in love with all the dresses, bags and coats.and congratulations Andy, it's a huge honour to attend Burberry show :)

  20. i can only say woooo,you're a lucky girl,Andy! :)i falling in love with the dresses and the jacket…how amazing they are?!i think u know more about it,'cause u have saw it in "direct" ;)

  21. I loved the show, the colors of collection and all above!You're a lucky girl sweet Andy, but I'm sure you deserve everything you're getting ;)Sil

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