All pics by me from THE LOCAL FIRM @ Stockholm Fashion Week

It was 3:40 am last night and I had been trying to sleep for the previous 4 hours, failing miserably at it.

Every time I go through my insomnia periods, which are more like “too many thoughts in my mind and trying to make important decisions” periods, I always find myself going through pictures, they always make me feel better for some reason and as I was doing that last night, I realized I still had a bunch of pics from the shows during Stockholm Fashion Week.

I have been so incredibly busy lately that I completely missed posting those pics, so I decided to go a little back in time and show you all the Swedish awesomeness during FW.

You probably seen most of these shows posted in other blogs already, but theses pics are fresh, taken by myself from the infamous front row, I hope you like them!..

More coming soon…



57 thoughts on “THE LOCAL FIRM

  1. One of my dream is to go to Paris. Your incredibly lucky to have been a part of a great event. Your blog is great as

  2. I so love your blog Andy!!! :DI'd like to know if you are planning to come to milan for the fashion week! I'd really love to meet you!Gresy

  3. Awesome photos. I know how you feel about the insomnia. When I was in college I would sometimes more often than not average 4 hours of sleep. The worse part is that the 4 hours would be after 1 pm. It was horrible too much stress in that time of my life to deal with. On a note on the show. I am loving the hair spikes. It's very gothic/Flintsones (ha) I wonder how they wrapped them into the hair with out them falling? I suppose a lot of hairspray and some sort of adhesive or maybe they have a band in them somehow.

  4. Primera vez que dejo un comentario.hola ¡¡¡eres adorable Andy .tu carta a México me hizo llorar .espero te encuentres muy bien .si te ayuda en algo una vez escuche … "Si sientes presiones , es por que no te enfocas en el presente" … no se si logra transmitir el mensaje pero me ha funcionado a mi.ojala recobres tu sueño y que tu camino este lleno de luz y amor.-las fotos son geniales, el estil de cada pieza es muy simple pero avasallador…para finalizar te diré uno de los mejores cumplidos que puedo decir. pues a través de tus posts supongo que todos nos hemos dado cuenta de lo buena persona que eres y la calidad humana que tienes , eres linda , inteligente y very stylish, pero sobre todo eso eres un ejemplo de lo que hay que seguir y por lo que hay luchar.Supongo que por eso tu blog tiene tanto éxito por que eres transparente de corazón.mucha suerte y lo mejor para ti.besos desde Guadalajara.(seguimos festejando el bicentenario)

  5. Oh my god! I love love love the grey boots! I want them! Do you know where I can find them?Try to do some yoga stretches to calm the body and mind when you can't sleep. It always helps me!Tatianaxoxo

  6. Ziet er allemaal heel erg mooi uit!! Lijkt me een prachtige collectie en show. Ik heb trouwens een stukje over je geschreven op mijn blog :)

  7. Me encantaron los zapatos de la primera forografía y el outfit de la imagen 3 :).Ya sé, cuando a uno le da insomnio no para de pensar, pero aveces es en esos momentos cuando tomas algunas decisiones

  8. wowi have these "too many thoughts in my mind and trying to make important decisions" periods too! And my "solution" is going through pictures too, and lie in bed listening to my ipod, trying to pay attention to the lyrics and not think in anything else (:Nice pics fromm the show, i like the "thorns" in the braid.

  9. Like the braid:)Going to Paris in 2 days!I know how much you love Paris and since it is my first time any suggestions?

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