September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

All pics by me from THE LOCAL FIRM @ Stockholm Fashion Week

It was 3:40 am last night and I had been trying to sleep for the previous 4 hours, failing miserably at it.

Every time I go through my insomnia periods, which are more like “too many thoughts in my mind and trying to make important decisions” periods, I always find myself going through pictures, they always make me feel better for some reason and as I was doing that last night, I realized I still had a bunch of pics from the shows during Stockholm Fashion Week.

I have been so incredibly busy lately that I completely missed posting those pics, so I decided to go a little back in time and show you all the Swedish awesomeness during FW.

You probably seen most of these shows posted in other blogs already, but theses pics are fresh, taken by myself from the infamous front row, I hope you like them!..

More coming soon…