The past few weeks have been a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences and as things are moving and evolving quickly, I thought it was time for a change.

A new look on StyleScrapbook seemed like the best way to start, so when designer Valentina Tricomi talk to me about creating a new banner, I immediately considered it and this is the end result…I personally love it, I think its more sleek, chic and keeps the essence of the blog perfectly.

What do you think?, Do you like it? Do you want to see this on StyleScrapbook every day?, I want to hear what you have to say!

To be in contact with Valentina for design inquiries, you can email her here: [email protected]

As part of the change, I am seriously thinking about changing from my beloved BlackBerry to the new iPhone 4, so if you have used both and have any advice at all, please share! and who knows, I might even end up getting my beloved tattoo once and for all!




219 thoughts on “NEW LOOK

  1. I am an avid followed of your amazing fashion blog. I LOVE the new banner, it's very pretty and it fits. You should keep it. Keep being amazing =)

  2. andy! i hope you're better now! changes are the best to cheer up and move forward! i love the header, it's lovely! and the tattoo sounds good as well! but….keep the blackberry!!!! :)love,stephanie from ecuador

  3. love your new banner! :) looks great! guess its time for us to say byebye to the old one! gonna miss it

  4. Andy, sigo tu blog y tu vida hace 2 años, eres una gran inspiración para mi a pesar de que yo soy chico, Esperaba que este verano te pasaras por Barcelona. Sigue adelante, soy tu fan número 1:)

  5. beautiful!!!check out my fashion blog at thetalesofselfindulgence.blogspot.comthe new post is updated today!! DOMT MISS xoxo… if you fancy it pls follow via bloglovin or google:-)

  6. Hey Andy!!! I love your new header – it looks more professional!!! Totally love it!I recommend you buying the new iPhone and to enter the iPhone clan. I also have one, but a 3GS, which I by the way like more than the new one. the iPhone 4 is very masculine and it's not so handy. Anyway > Apple is always great!!!have a nice day!kisses,Vicky from Vicreative

  7. So the blackberry, it has its obvious pluses. If you are someone who is not handy with a touch screen, then I guess you won't be typing many emails on that. I personally find the web browsing much better on the Iphone. With that said, the Iphone 4 also has just so many amazing features. The only down side, as I am sure you have heard, is that at the bottom left corner, when coming into contact with skin, the connection will drop because that is where the attena is. Luckily, having a case solves that. I think if you are using a Mac, then an Iphone is an easy switch and you know how it is. If you are not, then you might not be used to it but it is so easy to use and incredibly functional. If I were you, I would get the Iphone 4. It is just a wonderful phone and has SO many pluses.I hope that helps.P.S.I love the new banner and as always, your blog!

  8. love the banner! and i will go for iphone 4. i have the 3gs and i love it. i dont know why people think that touchpad is a minus points. you get used to it after a day (even less than that). it also has the qwerty form. just not "buttons". the sensitivity and auto correction is so good that you don't have to be perfect all the time. i find it faster and more comfortable if you type a lot. surfing is way way way ahead of bb. camera is so much better in terms of quality and speed… and add onto that the hi def video.! it's a really awesome one. i dont think it's a toy and i don't mind if people "see" it as a toy. i love it. it's more than a phone to me actually.anyway, i love your blog. hehe

  9. Love the banner but why is the letter K emphasized? Is there a significance? Also i suggest moving your name to the top left corner because it looks too cramped right beside "stylescrapbook," and it doesn't get noticed as much. =]

  10. I absolutelly loved it and I think it's just like you said: "its more sleek, chic and keeps the essence of the blog perfectly." I'm in favor of this new banner, cause when I first saw it today, it felt really different and good to visit your blog, and I think that this should always be a nice thing to you. You know, never been stuck in the same thing.anyway, LOVED it, and I'm feeling really happy for you as well :)

  11. Love your new banner of course. And love your style too! Very elegant and exquisite while your face being cheerful and fresh. Keep up the good work!Please check out my blog, streetstyle from Hong Kong.Remedy Rouge

  12. First off I love the banner!! I re-did mine not too long ago, and it really helps determine the look of a blog! And yes you should switch to an iPhone! I have one, and couldn't live w/o it! And get your tattoo as well! :)

  13. I think it´s beautiful too! I´m also considering a few changes myself, and I guess you´ll see it coming in the nearest future! ;0)Hugs fromA Shopaholic is loose"Drop by anytime…" ;-)

  14. I love the new desing, it's very Andy with Paris around :). I've got an iphone 3G and my dad has a blackberry. I'm very confortable with my iphone and I won't change it for a blackberry, I think it has more uses and it works great for me. My dad still prefers his blackberry hehe.

  15. I adore it ! You should absolutely go for a change. I love your blog, but it always seems so despressing because of the dark colours… Go for the change !

  16. Woow! It looks amaaazing! I've been following your blog for quite a while now and I think it really looks like you! You are the greatest blogger! I hope you feel better :D

  17. I do not have any objections, the new banner is great, I think that will look sensational and will be very pleasant to look at him every day:)greetings from

  18. I think it's beautiful, but I'm going to miss how happy you look in your original header. It always lightens my mood to see your shining smile when I first open your webpage! Hope you're doing well! Keep looking forward so you can see the amazing things coming your way!

  19. I like the New Banner. I like changing up designs every once in a while it keeps things fresh. As for the phone thing well it's really preference. iPhone has alot of amazing features and an HD camera and the ability to upload in a matter or seconds, but the keypad is hard to use. It's much easier to type on a Blackberry. I've used both and really I like the iPhone more, but in all honestly you should try it, but your in Europe so you will probably have better reception. Oh and I still think the iPhone 3GS is better than iPhone 4. I'd wait for an update if you don't plan on jailbreaking the OS on the phone.

  20. I love the new banner!No cambies tu blackberry por el iphone4, no vale la pena te lo digo por experiencia. :)

  21. I love the banner… Because it's simple but it's really what you're all about! You, your blog and your love for Paris!The colors are also amazing! Valentina does a great job! I personnally am an iPhone fan. I haven't got the iPhone 4 (yet) but I'd like one. I have the 3g and I think that once you go iPhone, you can never go back!So go for it, buy an iPhone :)!xxxo Afrodite

  22. The new banner looks great!As for the iPhone vs. Blackberry – I have used both and I have to say that I definitely prefer the iPhone. Much more user friendly (for me anyways) and a lot more apps and features!

  23. Great header! … it's so cute! change is good, and your site will look even better! … And about the phone you should totally go for the Iphone 4 it kicks ass! the apps are just the best! Have a great weekend! …xo

  24. I actually really love it, I think it's amazing…like you said, it still captures the essence of what the blog has always been about, but it's a bit more chic and has evolved with your style as well! Approved!Love Alexandra

  25. I love your new banner, definitely more chic and elegant but you still kept the young, flirtiness in your personality! I've been working on one as well to make my page more eye-catching like yours!As for the phones, I had both and personally, I never got used to/liked all touch screen phones. I need something with buttons/keyboard since I text most of the time. Why not try getting a Droid so you can have as many features as an iPhone but still have the simplicity and functionality of a Blackberry? I love phone shopping so if you need help, I'd be glad to guide you!

  26. He Andy,De Iphone 4 heeft ontvangstproblemen. Ik wilde 'm ook erg graag, maar er kwamen slechte recensies van. Ook als je op internet kijkt, lees je dat mensen de iphone 4 afraden. Ik raad je aan de BlackBerry nog even te houden en te wachten op een verbeterde versie van de iPhone 4 ;)Hoop dat je er wat aan hebt.xx

  27. I love the new header, it's amazing, I think you should also change some of the fonts, and colors to match it! you look wonderful in the

  28. Love the new banner so much better. Much simpler and sleeker. Also I'm currently having the Blackberry vs. iPhone vs. Droid problem so good luck!

  29. thotortaMe encanta la imagen, es muy bonita, y creo que te hace justicia, comparto 2 pasiones contigo la moda y Paris, asi que no creo que haya mejor imagen!

  30. I LOVE THIS NEW BANNERLike you just say, it's so you, it's different from the rest of the banner, and it's great! :D Amazing job from the designer :)

  31. Me encanta además coincide con todo lo que es Style Scrapbook aunque cuesta imaginar tu blog con un nuevo titulo me habia acostumbrado mucho al actual pero el nuevo va totalmente de acuerdo con tu nueva etapa de renovaciones y cambios

  32. i heard, the new iphone is not as good as the old one (3gs), you have to take a plastic cover, otherwise you cant telefone and surf very well, because that doesnt work with the radiats (is that the right word? :D). and i really like the header, nicer than the other one, i think. :)I LOVE YOUR BLOG, BTW.

  33. Oh wow I think that header is perfect for your blog!!And about the Mobiles: I used to have the blackberry bold 9700 and I gpt the iPhone 4 (actually using it right now to comment) now!It really depends what you need it for! I personally think the bb is better for messaging cause it's faster in getting notifications. But also because of the keyboard, I think it's a bit easier to type long messages on a bb than on an iPhone. But I must say I like the iPhone better in the other parts. I absolutely love the app store of the iPhone. You can get applications for everything! A H&M application has even just come out. And I love checking out trains and also where to go on the iPhone. You'll also be amazed by the quality of the Retina display of iphone 4. And even the camera is great. I was at a film shooting yesterday and instead of getting out my DSLR camera I just used the iPhone all day! I kinda sound like an apple sales person but i'm not, I just cant get enough of the iPhone ;) there is of course the option to have both phones, I used both quite a lon time, bb for business and iPhone for pleasure! Hope I could help u, if you've got any more questions: @ly_vi_ne

  34. The new banner is absolutely perfect. It is more streamlined and chic. Simple is better.On the iPhone vs. BlackBerry… I have used BB and mine was reliable, until it broke and BB would not replace it. I got an iPhone instead and I honestly say, I cannot live without my iPhone. So many fashion and style apps you can get on it that are not available on BB. Not only that, but Twitter, Blogger, Google, etc, so many better apps that BB cannot compare to. My vote is iPhone 4. Plus the camera is amazing, and you can video chat!XX.Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  35. … You know I'm not against possible changes in the blog will only benefit, I do not mind …. you just do not leave us )))))))) And iPhone 4 is just super! I would gladly changed your current phone to the iPhone 4, if there were funds, I understand how important to you our opinion and we are very pleased, especially me, I was happy to help you, I hope you read my comment! Good luck in your choice;)

  36. amazing new header! I love it. And I have the iphone 4 and I love it! I was skeptical at first, but I am so glad I got it.xoxo

  37. Es perfecto para tiiiii,,,,, lo ame tan solo lo vi es mas sofistikado,,, aunke tus baners siempre son buenos :D este esta super fashion,,,, ame los kolores y tu fotoo woow,,,,,,un beso nena

  38. Love the new header!i used to be a BB girl, so cute and girly- but such a bad phone! mine broke down like 2 times a month; very bad audio sistem and it can't last if you talk too much- the iphone is better! bigger screen, more music, movies & co,Camera is better, i mean 4 Mpixels and the new iphone i think it has more!!then, the phone is better, the touch is perfect, u can have lots of aplications instaled etc.

  39. Love the whole mantra on "Out with the old, In with the New"…as for tattoos go, i think you should get one, you only live once and it's not frowned upon in this industry :) Life is much too short to wonder 'what if…' all the time…XoXo-Kelli K

  40. The header is amazing! And if I were you I'd wait a little with the iPhone because currently there are a lot of problems with the 4 model but maybe in a month or so everything's solved :)

  41. New header is amazing! very parisian and in your style, right?! :DD and i want tell you : again you on stockholm street style! :>ahhh, you're so amazing, Andy!you're in amsterdam now? i'm going to amsterdam 2morrow, and meybe can we meet?

  42. i really really really LOVE the new banner, but i think the 'k' on scrapbook should be the same font, because it kind of draws attention away from you. But other than that, it's fantastic! xxx

  43. i really really really LOVE the new banner, but i think the 'k' on scrapbook should be the same font, because it kind of draws attention away from you. But other than that, it's fantastic! xxx

  44. Hi Andy :)I like the new banner especially colors and your image (those Finsks are rad!) but I would suggest couple of things:1. I would align Style Scrapbook2. That K letter standing alone doesn't really represent anything so I'd write Scrapbook all with the same font and maybe at the end add a little heart (coz that's on your site) or even a peace sign (coz you love it)in that lilac color3. If you wanna play you can highlight the whole title like this STYLE SCRAP BOOK so it's still your title but differentSo no hard feelings towards designer (which btw did a good job) but this is my opinion :)LoveVanja

  45. I really like the header ^^ I think its perfectly for your blog =) and about the phone I prefere the blackberry but thats my choice you can make yours haha Lots of love,

  46. that banner is absolutely PERFECT! but I also think that you should change the layout of the blog if you want to make a total new look of the blog.. I think it would look lovely if you'll add the colors of the banner in the layout. what do you think? kissesSandra

  47. I use both iPhone and BlackBerry. I can't live without both of them. BBerry is great for instant messaging and because in my country (Croatia) BBerry has much better options:free internet, sending mails for free to 10 e-adresses. I use iPhone mainly for music (it is irreplaceable in that field) and movies. BBerry is more of a phone, more serious. iPhone is a toy, but a very cute toy. If you have an opportunity to use both it is ideal. If you have to choose one then BBerry. Hope it help a bit!

  48. It's gorgeous ! I still prefer when it gots more colors in it, but this one, is perfect for the style of the blog :)Love,Adelythe

  49. Me encanta!! Para cuándo el cambio?BTW, tengo un proyecto de DIY en mente y puesto que tu eres experta en la materia me gustaría que me dieras tu opinión. Te parece si te mando un par de fotos y me das alguna idea? Si quieres lo hablamos por

  50. I don't like the font :( Reminds me on 'WANTED: dead or alive'.But j'adore your style. And your blog. And evertything (except the font :D )

  51. The new header is more sophisticated i think it would be more beautiful! I love the fact you are feeling better. Sometimes Change is good!

  52. This new banner is so perfect and yes very chic. I have just upgraded from a BB to the iPhone 4 and it was the best decision i ever made. The iPhone 4 is so much better when surfing the interent, you can even blog from it.There are also endless Apps you can download. I just downloaded this awesome App called Hipstamatic and it takes amazing retro/vintage style pictures.You won't regret the getting the iPhone 4 :) x

  53. I absolutely love that header! Well done, want to have a new one too. Maybe I should write an email to Valentina. :) I never ever want to change my BlackBerry for an iPhone. My boyfriend has one and I really don't like the touchpad. I do like the disign but think the QWERTY/QWERTZ option is much better than the touchpad. But it's your choice :P xx

  54. Beautiful! The eiffel tower is really apt to you coz you wanna live there someday, right? I think you should definitely use the new banner!

  55. Pues la verdad es que si! Es la perfecta esencia de lo que eres tu y tu blog… Paris como no!! Cuando te mudas? ;)Estuve en Amsterdam hace unas semanas y me hubiera gustado verte, pero creo que coincidió cuando estabas en Estocolmo. Otra vez será!xoxo Mery

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