I know it has been over a month from when I got my hair done, but better late than never!

I have always been scared of hair stylists, getting haircuts, let alone getting my hair dyed but I felt that with Fashion Week season coming up, I kinda needed a bit of a change, a very subtle change preferably, so I rushed to the Rob Peetoom salon at the Bijenkorf and decided to put my hair in Mika’s hands.

Lucky for me, he is one of the best hair stylist in town and now, thanks to Mika, I am no longer afraid of getting my hair done, he is THAT GOOD!

I love long hair, so I didn’t want to change the length of mine at all, more like only chopping the dead ends and making it look healthier and Mika thought it would be a good idea to add some subtle light brown highlights and although I was terrified (as you can probably see in the video), I think it turned out quite nice…

For more info about Mika visit and follow Mika on twitter HERE.

Thank you so much to Mika and to Rob Peetoom for my new hair do and I leave you with a pic so you can see how it looks now.


141 thoughts on “NEW HAIR FOR FASHION WEEK

  1. What a great cut! You're making me want to call my stylist and schedule an appointment right now. There's nothing like a fresh Fall look after a Summer of ponytails and beach hair.- Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

  2. Haha I am totally like you when I get my haircut, meaning im totally terrified of drastic change, even little change seems like a lot! Mika is so adorable too, he looks like he's 10 years old!I like the subtle change though, subtle is always the way to go :)

  3. hOla chica!esta es la primera vez que te comento pero sigo tu blog desde hace mucho y me encanta entrar a diariO parav ver lo que poneseres genial! xoxo alexxpd: muy lindo tu nuevo look!

  4. I am also absolutely petrified of hair dressers and stylists. Whether they cost me 8 or 80 pounds!Haven't yet found my piece of mind with that… and don't think I ever will :)But the subtle highlights look great. Refreshing! x

  5. oh! i saw you that day! i was getting my haircut too with my little sisters your hair looks nice!i was the girl in the bright red adidas jacket, and i was staring all the time, oops :P

  6. I think you;re probably the only person i know of that still looks stylish in the stylist's chair. Love the new look, very subtly different. A sign of a good stylist, I think. :)

  7. How gorgeous! By the way congratulations on your invitation to the Burburry show in London fashion week! You're so darn lucky!!!♥

  8. Your hair is so beautiful Andy ! I always thought it was , but your new do is even better ! Just like you, I like long hair too, I wont mine to grow too but it takes so much time… Anyway it looks great !

  9. Oh my god, the sculpted waves are absolutely perfect! It wasn't too much of a change, but really, really impactful! It looks modern, yet still really, really like you.It's very fitting to your style. Awesome, Andy!XX.Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  10. OMG Mika is great, you and your hair look so gorgeous !You're so pretty with curly and bouncy hair :) you should do them like this again !love your

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