September 12, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

I might have waited too long and I certainly tried to get my hands on the original version of this drop dead gorgeous jacket but of course, as soon as it went on sale, it was sold out in a matter of minutes and how can it not!?

Lucky for me, Queens Wardrobe came to the rescue and now I am a happy, ok let me rephrase that; REALLY HAPPY girl :D, this is the jacket of my dreams, FACT!.

Its September the 12th and I wish I was in NYC for FW right now, instead I am in Amsterdam preparing a post, but not to worry, there is always next season and what is coming for me in the next few weeks, can certainly outshine my current disappointment.


Leather shorts: Vintage
Tank: American apparel
Shoes: H&M
Rings & necklaces: FASHIONOLOGY.nl