I might have waited too long and I certainly tried to get my hands on the original version of this drop dead gorgeous jacket but of course, as soon as it went on sale, it was sold out in a matter of minutes and how can it not!?

Lucky for me, Queens Wardrobe came to the rescue and now I am a happy, ok let me rephrase that; REALLY HAPPY girl :D, this is the jacket of my dreams, FACT!.

Its September the 12th and I wish I was in NYC for FW right now, instead I am in Amsterdam preparing a post, but not to worry, there is always next season and what is coming for me in the next few weeks, can certainly outshine my current disappointment.


Leather shorts: Vintage
Tank: American apparel
Shoes: H&M
Rings & necklaces: FASHIONOLOGY.nl


141 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “MILITARY”

  1. Hey i've been following your blog and I thought I'd let you know that I'm having a MAC and Juicy Couture giveaway on my blog…check it out if you like!xoxo Aneela

  2. FINALLY i found your blog.its like jungle! but you are like banana. shining and beatifuel. and stylish. there is lot of photos, but amazing photos.martin.

  3. You look AWESOME, as always, the jacket it's great… but the most important thing it's what you put on your 'post', the written part, I love your way of think, next year will be, you have to visualize yourself, and then will happen, and also, because you deserve that.sorry again for my awful english!!xoxo – Moyra

  4. Andy, you always have gorgeous skin!!! what is your secret? what make up do you use or what is your daily facial cleansing routine?? <3 Cati

  5. It's really my first time to surf your blog and I LOVED it you've become my new inspiration :D I really love your style & your awesome blazers :D Congrates you got a fan from Kuwait :DP.S. :check out this blog this you reminded me of her your faces are really close :D but I think you're prettier :P:Phttp://www.butterhotshoes.com/

  6. Gorgeous! … The post's title is so cool, One republic is one of my favorite bands right now, and Marching on is such a great inspiring song!… You own the coolest jackets ever! love it!

  7. Gorgeous! … The post's title is so cool, One republic is one of my favorite bands right now, and Marching on is such a great inspiring song!… You own the coolest jackets ever! love it!

  8. I just Can call this jacket the ULTIMATE JACKET. Just perfect. With the one you wear in "Life is not the same without a soundtrack". I'm in love.Sorry for my unperfect english i'm french.

  9. This is really pretty Andy, I've always liked your style. This is my first comment at your blog. So I hope you don't mind. The Jacket is my favorite, and the Leather shorts too :)http://retronative.blogspot.com

  10. Simple yet Fierce. I love how you use one really good statement pieces on your outfits. I mean who knew a white Tee could look so good. Really you don't need much with that jacket and I LOVE IT.

  11. That jacket looks amazing on you Andy! What a perfect silhouette! And I think I NEED those leather shorts! And yes, we must start a band someday! haha :) Would love to hear you sing! Let's talk plans if we ever meet up someday in the future. I wish I was going to all the fashion weeks this season, but hopefully next season I will get my butt out there!xoxoDylana

  12. Gorgeous outfit Andy, this jacket is more thank WONDERFUL !I really love it, I want it too :)love your blog, you're incredible!kisswww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  13. Love the jacket Andy! I hate it when you miss the opportunity to get clothing as soon as it goes on sale! But it was meant to be you got it!Going to NYC this Friday I'm sad I'll be missing fashion week! Hoping you get to go next year!!www.annawithlove.com

  14. LOVES IT!!! I am all crazed to find a pair of leather shorts this season!! Love how you paired them!www.plentyforpennies.blogspot.comam your new follower : ) check my blog out when you get a chance!

  15. Love the jacket and shoes! I could want that jacket in some other colour (example dark green which I'm excited now!) because light blue isn't my colour but it suits you very well =)I'm quite a new reader for your blog and I love your blog and your style! Keep going ;)

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