150 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “GREY DENIM”

  1. Holaaa!! No sé si hablas español, supongo que sí!!Anyway, i'll try my best to speak to you in english…Could you please tell me from where are your shoes??Loooove your blog; and you're so adorable!Muaaaa, thanks!

  2. omigosh the comments never end! but i need to put my two cents in! I didn't get to see the live stream :( but you are adorable andy and most definitely one of my favorite bloggers!!!

  3. Hi Andy!The skirt is fab(: Looking great as always!!Always looking forward to read your new posts and see your new outfits(:Xx Jorienshe–said.blogspot.com

  4. Hello There! How’s it going?Love Heels?Impressive post/BlogSpot indeed!I think you will really enjoy viewing my shoe design BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn also! I hope that my illustrations will help me get a step into the design industry! Let me know your opinion! Take care xLouboutininthemaking.blogspot.com

  5. i can't get over how amazing this look is! the jacket, the peek of lace, the maxi and your hairrrr<33 i love love your hair wish mine wasn't so thin so i can get bangs like yours :)

  6. OMG andy your so awwwwwwesome !and youre videos …. you gave a massage to the world – really important! and your smile to the sky and to floor to left and to right so cute so OMG !!! and youre accent just like an american …. if someone can make it in the fashion world YOU GIRL !andy for president or the next anna wintour !love you girl and thanks for sharind your fabulous life with us?!

  7. I have a big request – can you show some fall versions of that long, violet-white striped dress from H&M? I have the same dress and I have no idea how to wear it on colder days

  8. I was just looking for a skirt exactly like that! Is it new at H&M for Fall? I'll have to go and look. I love your style!xoxoTatianahttp://stilettosandsuspenders.blogspot.com

  9. I want your hight and milk face! You are so pretty. Style is style but in case you would not be pretty, your blog would not have so much succes. Good luck in continuing. Like your blog.Tom (without adress to my blog, if you want, you can click on my profile photo, but you know it, I know)

  10. Andy, since i discovered your blog i'm such a big fan, i read it all days while i drink my coffee just before to go to the university. Your outfits are so pretty and refreshing and they resume pretty much what i like! … and you look like such a nice, simple and encourage girl…Like a latin girl, you're an inspiration for me.Congratulaions and my best wishes for you.

  11. Hola andy:soy de mexico y para unirme a los festejos patrios hice un post del bicentenario con las bloggers mexicanas mas estilosas de la blogosfera y obviamente estas tu! :)espero puedas pasar a verlo y a conocer a las otras chicas besos desde Mexicohttp://brujadcuento.blogspot.com/2010/09/el-post-del-bicentenario.html

  12. Que hermoso el outfit!Claro que a mi esa falda me quedaria de vestido, pero pues ya que.Yo estoy FELIZ de que ya se este acabando el veran (aunque mi hometown este mas indudado que monterrey despues de Alex).Pasatelo bruto en LFW!1060xo, Fernanda Lucila

  13. I love your kind of style. I´m so glad that I found your blog because it´s very inspiring for me.Thank´s for sharing the way you dress.

  14. Andy you always look so gorgeous and beautfiul in perfect outfits!!! :D This one is no exception, love the skirt with the boots and I didn't know you got that jacket too!!(i've been wanting it from queen's wardrobe:p )Love how you styled it, and love the jewelry of course:) The video was really nice too; it's always nice to see videos. Hope your day is going great and that your'e not too stressed! your readers love you!xoxo Hollywww.ispyfashiondiary.blogspot.com

  15. ohh!! pero que Valiente sweet hahahhaha aca en Alemania,,, es igual soleado pero super frio!!!!!un beso enorme me encanta la Falda!!!guapisimaaaa como siempre!!!!=))))

  16. Omg Andy, I love this outfit, with this long skirt you look like an "urban princess" :) so faboulous !I also love the jacket.love your blogkisswww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  17. Truly beautiful. You're always so adorable in your videos, that's why I love watching them! Where are your boots and bag from btw?www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  18. Me gusto tu look de hoy menos la falta siento que esta muy larga, y eso que estas bien alta!… bueno saludos y espero tener tie,po para ver lo de burberry …saludos desde Oaxaca :)

  19. te ves muy guapa y sexy, me gusta mucho tu blog, no lo conocia hasta hace poco y creo que me estoy enamorando ajaja ojala tengas chance de pasar el mio, yo soy fotografo de monterrey y me gusta mucho la foto de moda y esas cosas, en fin mucha suerte, saludos y todo lo mejor!!!

  20. me encanta la falda de H&M!! ya la había visto y la tengo en mente para comprarla ya! te queda genial y tu outfit (como siempre) es estupendo! Un besote Andy!Pd: el video es un punto divertidísimo!

  21. Nina day,Burberry has asked me to collaborate with them and live stream the show on StyleScrapbook, so yes, I am collaborating with THEM.If the show is also playing on youtube, thats has nothing to do with me and if Burberry wants to have the video also live streaming on StyleScrapbook, I will be more than honored to show it here..So in answer to your question, no its not misleading because in fact I AM collaborating directly with the people in the Burberry headquarters..XAndy

  22. Isn't the burberry show also being shown on youtube, it's misleading when you say "collaborating" with burberry because in fact, the show will be shown on youtube as well.

  23. as much as i like your looks. everytime i hear u speak it makes me cringe. its sad that "popularity" has gotten to your head. Or maybe you were always stuck up, or maybe ur not stuck up at all and its just your english who knows, just speaking my mind.

  24. How beautiful is this jacket??Love it!It's still hot here in Greece but I'm waiting to chill a bit to wear my new warmer clothes! :pxoxoCharahttp://skinnyandflavored.blogspot.com/

  25. I have the exact same skirt! Can't stop wearing it because I love it soooo much! I like the rock edge you gave it. Please take a peek at my blog where you'll find MY maxi-skirt look. We look totally different with the way we styled it. xwww.lovefromloulou.blogspot.com

  26. I love your outfit and the quick message is lovely. I am so happy for you that you can go to the Burberry show. It is a dream for me, to go there some day. Enjoy it.Love, Manon

  27. . the skirt is gorgeous, andy! your complete outfit is great.. & the video is so cute. i LOVE amsterdam!! have a nice day & all the best.www.birdsaroundme.blogspot.com ♥

  28. The Leidsestraat :) On the other side of the water, actually exactly on the other side of where you're sitting, there's this great lunch place called "Morlang". You should have lunch there, it's delish! xx.

  29. In one hand I´m glad summer is over because I love winter clothes!(in fact I think you can be more stylish with all beautiful layers thanks to the accesories^^) As always, you look perfect Andy;)www.enamodeuse.blogspot.com

  30. I love your outfit as usual, but the quick message is so lovely *_*about the Burberry show… great for you!!! :Dxoxohttp://sunflowerontheroad.blogspot.com/

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