So this was my attempt of a lazy sunday outfit…A lot of you are not into styling joggers, I personally love it so whenever I get the chance, I do it!

Today I start with my “intense gym regime”, which basically means lots of cardio and light weight training to tone up…a lot of you always ask me about my gym routine, truth is, I used to be very disciplined about it for 4 years but as I get busier and busier I just cant hit he gym as often as I used to.
I am really forcing myself to get my work out discipline again and hopefully by the beginning of winter, I will be back in my ideal shape, we shall wait and see…

So, how do you like my new booties???? I think Im in love…


Top: American Apparel
Joggers: TOPSHOP


201 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “CASUAL SUNDAY”

  1. Me he enamorado de tus botines!!!Son perfectos!!!Los quise comprar por internet pero lo malo es que no los envian a España, que pena :(Me encanta tu blog!Un beso,Mart

  2. I recently saw a picture of this top in black on another blog. I love how different pieces can look on different on different people. Great outfit, although those shoes are amazing, not sure they pass as 'comfy'. :)http://fashionregardless.blogspot.com/

  3. Love this whole ensemble and how you mixed the feminine of the sweater and the masculine of the joggers…your new shoes are also amazing! I would be as much in love with them as you are now if I had them in my arms too. Good luck with getting back to your work out routine!www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  4. Great sunday look. Normally I wear such sweatpants at home but your pics inspired me to try new combination with sweatpants in the future! P.S. Like the new header, you look lovely!

  5. I found you on lookbook and I absolutely think you are the best blogger ever!!!! I found my style so much in yours and this boots are just like the same I bought in newlook.com so I agree they're amazing and on you are so cool as everything!I'm from Milan and hope to meet you during the fashion week!you're so inspiring!

  6. Hi Andy,because of your post with the new header, I contacted Valentina for a header for me to. She made me the most beautiful header ever! Thanx for the post!You are also so inspiring to me… This outfit looks amazing in you!Kind regards, Valerie

  7. OMG I LOVE THIS OUTFIT !It's soooooooooo gorgeous, from the feets to the head ! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !You rock girl :) !kiss from Switzerlandwww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  8. I'm in love with this shoes.Where do you bought them?It's possible to answer me with mail or on my blog? I think I will not find your answer here.Thanks!

  9. aww looking good!why did you have to show your stomache, though? it makes me feel envious :Pso what is your ideal shape? cuz for me you are in ideal shape already ;)

  10. I totally agree your style, it's so chic&casual but always perfect!The boots are amazing !I find a lot of ispiration by your outfits! And it makes me happy!And i have the same canon ;) !Kisses from italy and i'm sorry for my english misteke! Matilde

  11. wow you always look amazing andy but i love the casualness of this. its so easy, but so cute at the same time! how do you do it. xxbrittanycampcurfew.etsy.com

  12. These boots are so Burberry-inspired! You always find the best pieces at River Island, lucky girl :)P.S. Keep styling these joggers, no one can do it better than you!

  13. i too love how joggers and harems look with boots, different to some but comfy and cute:)http://fasali-myblogspeakthetruth.blogspot.com/

  14. Hola Andy, solo queria decirte que hace mucho tiempo que sigo tu blog y me encanta…me gusta mucho todos los outfits que sacas…me pareces increible…te invito a pasarte por mi blog aunque yo estoy empezando…espero que te guste y tenerte por alli, muchos besosMy fashion diary

  15. your top is soooo pretty!!! love itcheck out my fashion blog at thetalesofselfindulgence.blogspot.comjust updated a new post today!! DONT MISS … follow me via bloglovin or google if you like it thankss xoxo

  16. I really love this outfit! it look great on you!! the joggers are incredible and i love yours new boots too!I enjoy every post! have a great week!xxxx

  17. Oh my God!хо хо so cute, so tender, innocent …" You're doing fine! And Andy … is … let's say …. a question … or a request …. I would love to just talk with you! "Do you have a specific page on facebook, personally, I understand that you have such a question a thousand …. but still!

  18. cool outfit :)man dont get my started on the gym- i joined in Nov 09 and have a years contract, and I absolutely HATE going now! But I still have to pay for it until Nov this year. I am doing Zumba, badminton, swimming and cycling instead.

  19. Yo igual! Siempre os sigo por bloglovin' pero casi nunca comento. Tu ya sabes de qué va esto… a mí no da tiempo de hacer nada!!! Con actualizar el blog es suficiente, ni puedo contestar e-mails… En fin, ya paro que me estreso.Bruno enorme, ha cumplido un año y medio y me tiene L-O-C-A! Es un hombrecito que sólo tiene ojos para su mami, así que imagínate como estoy yo, es muy heavy, ya verás cuando te toque… Que espero que sea dentro de mucho pq te cambia la vida, jaja, se acabaron muchas cosas para mí, pero bueno, empiezan otras!Me encantan las botas y eres de las pocas que luce estos pantalones con gracia, que no es fácil.Buaa, qué rollo te he soltado!Muas

  20. I love that AA jumper and those River Island boots- both items on my shopping list. also, with pieces as cool as these, they don't need more styling. Great look!Dree xxstyle-on-sea.blogspot.com

  21. You are so thin Andy!I mean,you're skinny!I do like to work out too, I think it's healthy don't you think it's a bit too much saying you should have your shape back?I know you're talking about tone and muscles, but.. well, I don't think you have any problem AT ALL..annik

  22. . the new boots are perfekt for you, great outfit! . i like your american apparel top!! cute & sexy too.(:. much love, rina.www.birdsaroundme.blogspot.com ♥

  23. I for one do love to dress up joggers too! and those boots!! im sure you'll get stares thinking that they're 'Burberry'! (they don need to know. *hush*)

  24. i love those boots, and i love styling up joggers, this outfit looks amazing. also you dont need to lose any weight, youve got a great bodyhellomrvideo.blogspot.com

  25. Those boots are amazing! I love how you styled them – it really works on you.Ahh..the gym – I'm so unhappy with my body at the moment and really have to start working out regularly again.

  26. Hoooooooola Andy!!!I LOVE that first picture!!! You look so pretty!!! ( i know you prob hear this a looot,lol!)Yeeees, the boots are Très balmain-esque/ Wang style!!! I read your blog everydaaaay! I guess we all love seeing what outfits you will come up next :)… I need to go to the gym tooo :/((((( Good Vibes )))))Big hug!<3

  27. I also think joggers work well without the conventional complementary items:)You most certainly rocked in them!Gioulixwww.mademoiselleconomist.blogspot.com

  28. I personally love the joggers look as well!! I think it looks fantastic, particularly on you<3You look amazing in this outfit:)xoxo Hollywww.ispyfashiondiary.blogspot.com

  29. I think this is one of my faverite looks andy, not anyone can style joggin pants and you certainly did, i loved this, me encanto, have great monday!<3 from sunny méxico :)

  30. I am in love with this look! The fact that you can make something as casual as jogging pants extremely stylish is very impressive, especially pairing them with high-heel booties!Your shirt was very interesting when looking from afar and the up-close photo is lovely, seeing the details.Good luck on getting back into your work-out routine! I have been doing the same myself as well. It's especially good before winter since most tend to get more tired and lazy ;D~Danahpanacheoffblast.blogspot.com

  31. Yes I'm also a true fan of joggers! It makes an outfit less dressed up and more relazing. I finally found the perfect one. I wish I could have a gym routine like you. I really don't know where i need to begin. What kind of work-outs do you do? And for how long?

  32. these booties are fab, looking a lot like the burberry's, perfect for this fall + great job styling these with the joggers, i personally love this lookvasilievahttp://elenavasilieva.blogspot.com/xx

  33. Loving your new booties but aren't they excruciatingly painful??? :) I love when you still joggers with elegant pieces, such a cool look… I just jumped bag on the gym bandwagon last week.. I'm also doing a 10 day detox where I only eat fruits and veggies… it's day 6 and 2kg is gone already without starving!Have a great week babe!xxxhttp://gypsy-diaries.blogspot.com

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