You see! I occasionally wear flats as well :P …

I couldn’t help but to feel a bit Rock n’ Roll while wearing a leather jacket+buckle boots+shredded tee outfit, so it was only fair if I paired this post with one of my fav songs this summer, cant remember how many times I have played this over and over again…


Shredded tee: Rouge+noir
Leather Jacket: ZARA
Cross necklace + bracelet: FASHIONOLOGY.nl

151 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY

  1. aren't the strokes just amazing?? (especially julian casablancas..;D )I love them so much, and this outfit is so amazing, you look pretty in purple!! love all the jewelry, especially the rings, and the tee is so chic :D xoxo HollyWWW.ISPYFASHIONDIARY.BLOGSPOT.COM

  2. You're outfit are always amazing, i used to saw them in Lookbook, but now I'm going to start follow your blog.xoxoP.S: Y se puede hablar en español? Ojalá disculpes mi pésimo inglés. Abrazos.

  3. woww u look so cool!!check out my fashion blog at thetalesofselfindulgence.blogspot.comjust updated a new post today!! DONT MISS … follow me via bloglovin or google if you like it thankss xoxo

  4. They did an amazing job shredding that shirt. I may have to do a DIY and see if I can accomplish that myself. If I do I'll be thrilled, but something tells me this could be some hits and misses. Still great look over all.

  5. Love this look Andy! Have been reading your blog for a while but have never commented. Hope all you are going thru at the moment will pass soon. I know your positive outlook on life will take you very far and you will reach all of your dreams. Thanks for being an inspiration! Hugs. Elena.

  6. Andy this my fav outfit of yours!! you look so chic and rock and roll and wearing flats!! i live in flats and find it hard to make them feel chic!! Im away to try and buy your shreaded tee now cos it rocks!! :)got a pair of lace up sheepskin boots on a giveaway on my blog, love it if ud check it out :) x

  7. I would like to wear THAT right now, shall we change papers? :) I think it's one of your best casual looks or the best in my opinion. Although the pics are really really well done. The song that you chose rocks the look.xx

  8. I absolutely felt in love with your leather jacket, i want it!!!!! Outfit really strong, rock'n'roll style is definitely the very best ever!love it at all, KISShttp://thefadlook.blogspot.com/

  9. I just love this outfit! It's great! And it fits you so well! You have a great style,Andy!Have a lovely sunday!XOXO,Ioanahttp://ioana-p.blogspot.com/

  10. I love your outfit!!! you look really stunning here. its a good way to wear the shredded tee in a rebellious way!xoxohttp://stylison.blogspot.com/

  11. where did you get your boots? they're so cool. :)LOVE YOUR BLOGLOVESarahhttp://www.sarahs-fashion-diary.blogspot.com/http://www.sarahs-fashion-diary.blogspot.com/

  12. That leather jacket is the coolest leather jacket I have seen and your shirt reminds me a little bit of Rodarte, I don´t know it just has that type of feeling

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