And here is my failed attempt to travel with a Balloon… yeah, I knew exactly where I wanted to go, but it did not work, not this time…

I spent few hours with friends at the first “Friday afternoon” edition by the Ready to Fish shop in Amsterdam and from this month on, there will be one of these every month.
This basically means everyone gets together, have amazing cocktails, mingle and listen to good music in the most beautiful shop in Amsterdam, no, I am not kidding, RTF_ has the coolest shop in A’dam.

They were also celebrating the release their first CD, which is basically a compilation of their favorite tunes, I shall listen it to it later and of course, share my thoughts.


Pants: H&M
Shoes: River Island
All jewelry: Fashionology.nl


145 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY

  1. Hi Andy ! I'm a huge fan of your blog. I read it every day. One question i want to ask u: i want to order the pumps you are wearing here, the ones from River Island, i just want to know how confortable their are? Do u have problems with them when walking or such, cause of the high heels? I know u were complaining about the ones u bought in London, that they "kill" your feet. How are these ones, comparing to the killer ones? Thank u very much. hugs

  2. I saw one of your previous posts and said that was my favorite outfit I've seen, ever, by anyone. But I think with this one, you've one upped yourself. Those pants are crazy and cool.

  3. hi andy! can you tell me what size of those pants are you wearing? I´m as tall as you ;) and I can´t decide between S and M because of the lenght :D! thanks!

  4. I love that shirt, it looks so incredibly luxe against your hair, i bet it feels fantastic. Not so much of a fan of the trousers with the shirt, maybe in a different context? Loving those shoes too. :)http://fashionregardless.blogspot.com/

  5. I'm not loving the pants, but I think the concept of the Balloon is awesome and I love the silhouette of the outfit and the button down top. I think the print just throws me off though. On the other hand I want to steal your shoes. Love them I also love your Finsk Shoes you are so lucky you own them.

  6. OH MY GOD!!!! I love these shoes!! they're amazing!!!…and also, I haven't noticed your new banner…I liked the other one but this…..is totally Stunning!!

  7. awsome post, love your balloon!!www.makeaboldstatement.blogspot.comP.S. your header is really cool, i just changed myn too tell me what you think:)x,sagalina

  8. amo el nuevo look de tu blog! un muy buen cambio!me encantan esos pantalones! te quedan increibles! lo que daria por tener esas piernas!! jajaajabesos

  9. This photoshoot is really amazing!Simply love the lovely and free sense it spread!And love your outfit(s)…again and always!:PIlaria ps: the new banner is fantastic!

  10. Those pants look amazing on you. I don't think I'd be able to pull something like that! lol And I really like the picture where it looks like the balloon is flying away! You're so photogenic. And I think you'd be a perfect model! Have you ever thought about modeling?♥lasenoritadaisy.blogspot.com

  11. Me encanta! Totalmente! Todo black & white y con el globo! Es genial.Los pantalones son preciosos y quedan genial con esos zapatos, la camisa y el collar!Un besoSandrahttp://dearlookbook.blogspot.com

  12. I totally adore your new header, Andy! To be honest, I wasn't so happy with the old one, it was too crowded in my opinion. This one is sooo cool! <3Absolutely love your outfit btw, your style is so effortless and always unique, keep going, you know we love you! :Dxxxlondonlastnight.blogspot.com

  13. Andy, me gustan muxisimo esos pantalones, a ver si puedo conseguirlos, te quedan genial!Una cosita, ya no traduces tus posts, la verdad es que no controlo mucho el Inglés y me quedo a medias!! ¿A qué se debe? desde España tienes muchos seguidores!!!Un besooo!!!!

  14. very good outfit.every piece of it is wonderful and great! and the balloon it`s so funny and biiiiiiig …hahahttp://manuellal.blogspot.com

  15. You look beautiful as usual, and I love those pants! I'm obsessed with printed bottoms lately, and pants that stop right above the ankle – so chic. Excited to hear more about your adventures!~Danahpanacheoffblast.blogspot.com

  16. That sounds awesome, I wish a store near me would come up with something like that! Is it open to everyone, or is it like a ticket type of thing?

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