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  1. I really love the bottom three looks. I have always loved simple black or black and white looks. You can do anything with it and it will still look chic and sexy!xoxoTatianahttp://stilettosandsuspenders.blogspot.com

  2. i like the mint dress in the middle and the poncho, but honestly, this model is way too skinny and the clothes don't look all that great on her. she looks rather sick and sad to me, sorry :-/

  3. Oh my god!I love your style and your look, BUT how could you publish photos with SUCH A MODEL?!?! IS SHE GOING TO DIE BY HUNGER TODAY OR TOMORROW??no, sorry, I even didnt enjoy to clothes by such a way of presentation..Sarah

  4. i am skinny my self but this girl is beyond skinny. i am absolutly shoked that no one notice to that while he do notice the clothes.no fashion and good style can make me belive that, that girl is actully healthy.and even if she is healthy, because some kind of phenomenon, that should not be the ideal look for a woman this days.

  5. I am lusting after that poncho! It's stunning. The black jumpsuit is cool too, though not sure I could pull it off. You certainly could though xxxwww.fashiondevotion.com

  6. . awesome! especially I like the dungarees, the mint pieces, the leather skirt & the long black dress.. nice dady, andy. xxwww.birdsaroundme.blogspot.com ♥

  7. Hey dear :)OMG I love this lookbook, I would like to have every single piece and I'm thinking to buy something !You're fantastic, I'm loving your blog a lotKisswww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  8. omg what horrible sick looking size zero model!!!! i´m shocked that you´re posting things like that! nobody should give the false impression to such great mass of people that this super skinny type of woman is adorable and an idol for girls…i love your blog but this shocked me today.

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