September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Thanks to Yara, Sabrina & Fashionscene for the pics!!!
Ok so yesterday was GLAMOUR magazine’s 5th B-Day bash and it was actually more fun that I expected.

The whole experience started with me realizing that my “planned outfit” was actually not going to work.
I noticed that the black dress I was going to wear had a huge stain (which is still a mystery to me, since the damn thing is new), so I had to come up with another outfit quick and by quick I mean 3 minutes quick.

I wore this blue/purple vintage dress in Copenhagen FW but I didn’t really take any outfit pics, there is only one pic of me in it and there was also another one shot by Daniel for Stockholm StreetStyle, but since that pic hasn’t surfaced the web yet, It seemed like the best outfit option.

Yeah, I know I am wearing the Moschino again, but I wont stop any time soon, I LOVE this thing way too much so please, get to love it, because you will keep seeing it here A LOT :D!

So back to the party… First of all, I got to see a lot of friends again (we pretty much meet up at every single event in town), there was champagne to cheer with, they were giving away the most amazing chocolate mini muffins I have ever had (no, I am not exaggerating) and I discovered an Amsterdam band called VALERIUS (Yeah, I must have been living under a rock or something), the important thing is that I know them now.

They were playing LIVE and of course, I had to go find them on iTunes as soon as I got home, now unfortunately, I’ve been playing their “She doesn’t know” song on repeat for the past 4 hours and yeah, I am still listening to it.

*Music from the video: VALERIUS- “She doesn’t know”
*I used iMovie to make the video

Velvet shoes: River Island