1. uhh wtf is wrong with the music?! :Sthe first songs were good but the last one..omg..my ears were bleeding :Sbad models alsobut i have to say..I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CLOTHES

  2. AMAZING COLLECTION!but really really bad models..some of them couldn't even walk..the last model with short hair SUCKS..BAD ELECTION OF MODELSTHE LAST SONG STRESSED ME OUT!!!!BUT..GREAT CLOTHEES

  3. tengo unos preguntas, que me pueden servir como inspiración, ¿en que trabajas?¿que estudiaste?¿como lograste estar donde estas?Saludosy espero tu respuesta gracias;)Tef

  4. Wow loved the video¡¡ chek out my blog andy¡¡ youre my inspiration¡http://fashion-song.blogspot.com/http://fashion-song.blogspot.com/http://fashion-song.blogspot.com/

  5. I just finished watching a little earlier ago! Oh my god it was awesome! Lucky for you, you were in the front row! I loved the leather jackets and pants they were so amazing! I also liked the music. lol I just finished downloading the songs. :)♥lasenoritadaisy.blogspot.com

  6. great show !!!!!!!I love all the jackets ! such a pity that the poor girl fell at the end. I think her shoes were waaaay to big or the floor was verys slippy :p

  7. hola Andy!! felicitaciones por esta invitacion, me imagino lo emocionada que estas!! y ademas orgullosa por representar tan bien a las latinas en Europa C:no me puedo quedar sin decirte que TODOS tus look me encantan! queria contarte que estoy empezando un blog y de diseño de paginas no se mucho… podrias ayudarme con eso? gracias C:

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