I am not only a huge Burberry fan, but I am also a huge music fan and if I had it my way, I would be plugged to my ipod all day listening to music.

Burberry is a brand that always goes hand in hand with music.
They are very known for having amazing british bands doing the soundtracks of their shows and as a result, they have just started a new project called BURBERRY Acoustic, which is pretty much a bunch of incredibly talented upcoming British bands playing the acoustic versions of some of their songs…

I have been browsing through some of the videos and I can already tell you, they will have you playing them on repeat for quite few hours…

Above you can find my two favorites, I cant get them out of my head.

Click HERE for more.


37 thoughts on “BURBERRY ACOUSTIC

  1. Desde hace un par de temporadas estoy enamorada de las colecciones de Burberry, no sé si cambiaron por el bajón de ventas que tenían pero me parece que han mejorado mucho. Las canciones están bastante bien, adoro la guitarra.besitossss

  2. I've always loved Burberry, and the act they're incorporating (acoustic) music into their campaigns makes me oh-so happy. :*http://newyorkcarnival.blogspot.com/

  3. I made a few weeks ago the exact same post but with the band Life in Film in video ;)http://frenchimalvi.blogspot.com/2010/08/life-in-film.htmlI love the idea, I love the Bands selected and I love Christopher Bailey

  4. Me encantaron! de hecho siempre q haces uan recomendacion musical es lo primero q corro a escuchar jajajaja, eres muy bien! Por cierto me encanto tu vestido de la foto pasadaaaa ;) q padreeee Andy n vdd me da tanto gustooo! mucha suerteeeexx

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