StyleScrapbook and LeHype waiting for the rain to pour down (or hoping for it not to :P)

Pics by Magick93

Exactly a week ago I was still in Copenhagen for Fashion Week, I already miss it so much, I had the best time and definitely fell in love with the city!

Last Saturday was the Worlds greatest catwalk, I talked about it on StyleScrapbook about a month ago so here are finally some pics from the event.

Unfortunately the weather was turning ugly but the event was still a success…
There were gorgeous models walking along Denmark’s longest shopping street and despite the rain, people were enthusiastic and excited to see it happen.

I wanted to thank the Copenhagen Fashion Council for all their attentions towards me and congratulate them for putting together such a fun and exciting event!

If you want to check out the video of the event, CLICK HERE!

See you soon Denmark, I will for sure come back very soon!




  1. great catwalk, so pink! :Dthere's a couple(seems like old couple), are they supposed to be there ? :D lol <- the first picture with models ;)rainy, well that was bad, these last days have been rainy in Estonia too :(would have wanted to see your outfit! :( that blue is a great colour :)

  2. Tangiblecathars:Dear, first of all, I am not the only Andy in the world and I would NEVER write means and insulting comments about fellow bloggers or anybody for that matter in other blogs, I would never do that….Never do to others what you don't want done to you, so no, it was not me.

  3. It looks great, it looks great, it looks great,It looks great, it looks great, it looks great,It looks great,It looks great, it looks great, it looks great… I really think it was :) I love that catwalk!!!!!!!!!!

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